Basic Standard Features

Basic Standard Features

Learning Objectives

You will learn how to…. 

  1. Interpret the basic standard features in Thynk 

Standard Features

First things first, when working in Thynk, there are some very easy features you should know. These features apply the same way in different areas in Thynk, e.g. accounts, contacts, bookings, events etc. 

  1. There are different types of fields in Thynk: some will have drop down lists, some will be free type, and some will have search built in, so when you start typing into the field, the system automatically  searches Thynk so you can click on the selection found - this last one  is called a ‘lookup field’. If a lookup field shows no result, you can create the new record there.

  1. You will have drop down lists that are single select where you can select only one value, and multi-select, which allow you to select more than one value. The drop down lists in the fields would have been selected by leadership during the initial set up. Please contact your Thynk Admin if you need to edit the lists. 

  1. Fields with a ‘i’ have a help text, which you can see when you hover your cursor over it. If you find yourself wondering what a field is used for, talk to your Thynk Admin about adding a help text.

  2. Fields with a red * are mandatory fields, so you must complete them. The mandatory fields are decided by your leadership during the initial set up.

  1. There are always two ways of editing. Again, this applies to accounts, contacts, bookings, events, etc. The first method is to open the account/contact and click on the pencil icon.  The second method is to use the 'Edit' button on the top right of the account/contact/booking etc. 

  1. Always 'Save' your changes.

  2. Another commonly used short cut is the + to denote adding something. 

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