Resource Families

Resource Families

What is a Resource Family 

Resource Families are hierarchies for meeting/function rooms. A Parent Resource can have Children Resources. Resource Families are needed for Resource Groupings.

For example, when trying to accommodate an event, you may need to book a couple of meeting rooms that are close together and that can be combined.  In this example,  the Parent Resource is "Meeting 1 & 2 (50sq)", which is made up of  two children resources "Meeting 1 (25sq)" and "Meeting 2 (25sq)".

How to Create a Family of Resources?

  1. Go to 'Resources'
  2. Click on 'New'                                                                                                  
  3. Fill the information of the Parent Meeting room, here we will call it “Meeting 1 & 2” and 'Save'
  4. Create the children meeting rooms
  5. Add the “Parent Resource”, which is the parent room “Meeting 1 & 2”
  6. To see how your family of rooms will be displayed, go to the 'Scheduler'
  7. Here, you can expand & collapse here the Family of Rooms  

Need some more help? Watch our video!

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