How to Use the Group Booking Feature

How to Use the Group Booking Feature

Group Booking
You can now use the enhanced 'Group Booking' feature to enter the room block for your quotes by room type, rate type and occupancy type. It is a good visual method of adding and adjusting your room blocks.  
Date: September 12, 2022

To use the Group Booking to manage the Room Block, find or create a Quote. See How to Create a New MYCE Quote.
Once saved, click on the quote/booking you have just created to create the actual room block.
1. Scroll up to '>Group Booking' and click on it to open the group booking grid
2. Here you can add room types, by clicking on 'New' next to the Hotel Rooms
Here you can add room types, by clicking on 'New' next to the Hotel Rooms
3. This opens up a page where you can complete all the fields. If you need more than one room type, you can select them here at the same time). 
Select a room type or types. All room types selected will have the same rate plan, occupancy type and number of rooms.
4. Click on Save to create your rooms
Click on Save
5. View hotel rooms. By default, hotel rooms will be inactive (gray text and unchecked boxes).
A rate plan is required to add a hotel room. You may notice that sometimes prices are set to 0. This is because Thynk only pulls rate prices for a set time period (typically one year), and the dates on the quote may not have a rate set yet. In this scenario, you can either look in your PMS for the rate or reach out to your revenue manager about what rate to set and simply type a price over the 0 amount.

View hotel rooms. By default, hotel rooms will be inactive.
6. Tick the check boxes to denote first and last day of this room type
Check tabpanel
7. Click the final day to automatically check all days in the block.
Check tabpanel
8.   To add another room type, click on 'New' and repeat the steps before, and finally scroll up to 'Save'
Click on New
9.  If you need to change the room block for part of the stay, you can click into the correct date and enter the new number of rooms (In this example, I want to change the block from 5 to 2 for Sunday and Monday.)
10. Type 2 on top of 5
11. If you wish to delete the room type on the last day of the booking, just untick the box in front of that last day.  
Click on tabpanel
9. Uncheck box
Uncheck tabpanel
10. Click on Save to save all changes
Click on Save
13. To include the taxes relative to the rooms, click on the "With Tax" switch
Click on group

If hotel rooms are added to the quote as part of a Package, they will appear in the group booking tool but will not be editable. You will see a lock icon where the delete and copy icons are for non-package hotel room types. See below: 
1. See lock button for Hotel Rooms that are a package line item. 
Click on tabpanel
2. Checkboxes are greyed out for package lines as they cannot be modified. 
Click on tabpanel

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