Guest Room Control Log (GRC)

Guest Room Control Log (GRC)

Dashboard Overview

The Guest Room Control Log (GRC) allows you to quickly reference which groups are in-house during a specified date range as well as how many rooms have been blocked for each night of their stay.  

Dashboard Uses 

This is one of the most commonly used reports to see what groups are in house, and also to use in internal meetings.

By extending the date range, you can also use this report to track business for future months and retrieve a summarized view that can be leveraged in weekly sales meetings.

How to View the Dashboard

To view this dashboard, follow these steps: 

  1. At the Home Page, click on the ‘Thynk Dashboards' tab. If you don’t see this tab click on the ‘Applications’ (the 9 dots on the top left) and search for Thynk Dashboards. Click on it to make the ‘Thynk Dashboards' a tab for ease.

  2. Here click on the GRC to run it.


  1. The GRC will open to today’s date and show you the next seven days. You can change the date range on the left.

  1. By default the dashboard shows you agreed, blocked, pickup rooms. You can click on the boxes to deselect them or select them.

  1. On the right you see ‘Additional filters’. By default, these filters show ‘all’, but you can change them by clicking on them. 

  1. You can also download an image of this GRC. Click on ‘Share’ on top right. 

  1. Click on the download tab and on ‘Download as Image’ to have a PNG file in your downloads.  

Information Displayed on the Report 


The following information appears on your dashboard: 

  1. The report shows you the criteria and filters on top, which you can edit.

  2. You can choose how to view the information: by bookings, by status, or by occupancy.

  3. Scroll down to see the bookings.  

  4. You see the dates across and on the very right, you see ‘Total Revenue’ and ‘Total Rooms’. 

  5. On each date, you see the number of rooms on the books. In this example, we have 3 numbers: agreed, blocked, pickup. The agreed rooms is the number of guest rooms in the booking, the blocked rooms come from the PMS (pms_block inventory or m_adjustments), and the pickup is the number of reservations.  

  6. You can click into each booking from this dashboard.

  7. The bottom row shows total rooms for the day. And on the very right, you see total rooms and revenue for the date range. If you see something with a 0 revenue, check your booking, as it may not have a rate!

The status 'closed' shows 'closed won' (Definite) status bookings. 

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