How to Access Thynk University & Enroll in a Course

How to Access Thynk University & Enroll in a Course

Having a very customer centric focus here at Thynk, we feel strongly about being able to help our users, whether it’s through our customer success and support teams, our quarterly 'Thynk it Through' events with our customers together with our product team and now here, with our online training. 

Welcome to Thynk University! 

You can access Thynk University, straight from Thynk by following these instructions: 

  1. On your Thynk Home Page, click on the question mark for ‘Salesforce Help’ on top right, and then click on ‘Thynk University’.

  1.  This takes you straight into the Thynk University Dashboard. 

  1. If you have already enrolled in courses, they will appear on your dashboard. Click into ‘My Dashboard’.  You will also see the Thynking Together Community on your dashboard, so please click on it to go there! 

  2. If you haven’t enrolled in a course yet, click on ‘All Courses’ and you will see all published courses. 

  1. Click into the course that is relative to your role, the one you would like to enroll, and you will see a message in pink ‘Interested in this course? Email us at’  Click on this message, and you will be taken to your email with a new email to us. Please drop us a note and we will approve your request to enroll.  

  1. Once enrolled, you will receive a welcome email saying that you have been  ‘enrolled’, with a link into the course. Check your spam folder if needed.  Once you’re enrolled you can always access your course straight from Thynk > Help > Thynk University. 

You should only need to choose one course that's closest to your role, so you don't end up enrolling in multiple course with the same or similar content!  For example, if you are sales executive, you should enrol in the Sales Manager course.  Assistants and coordinators should enrol in the Assistants & Coordinator course. The 'Foundation Course' is only for those customers who are not using bookings and just need lessons on accounts and activities. (These lessons are already INCLUDED in the other courses, so you don't have to sign up to this course as well.)

Introduction to Courses

  1. Courses are organized in chapters on the left. Each chapter has lessons within it.  Click on the down arrow to open the chapters, or the up arrow to close them.  When you first log in, all your chapters should be open showing you all lessons. 

  1. Each lesson consists of a short lesson to read, starting with learning objectives, instructions, a 2-4 minute video, followed by best practices and resources links to our Knowledge Base help articles on our website. Of course we know that you will have your own company SOPs and best practices, but this is what we have learned in conjunction with our customers, that has allowed them to get the most value out of Thynk.  Do supplement this with your own SOPs and Best Practices! 

  2. Once you have completed a lesson, you can take a quiz. 

We highly recommend you take these quizzes to reinforce what you have learned.  

FYI, quizzes are called ‘Thynk about…’ followed by the lesson name. The first lesson in the chapter will be the actual lesson, the second lesson starting with ‘Thynk about…’ will follow the text and video lesson. Here is one example: 

  1. Once you have completed a chapter, you can revisit the past lessons anytime to get a refresher. You won’t need to take the quiz again, you can replay a course, or dip in and out as needed. 

  2. The courses will have feedback surveys - while they are not mandatory, please do complete them to give us feedback so we can improve.

  3. And if you love using Thynk, please give us a glowing review at Hotel Tech Report by clicking on this link Hotel Tech Report

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