How to add Products to a Booking

How to add Products to a Booking

Learning Objectives

  1. How to enter additional products to your events or bookings

Adding Products to a Booking

Once you have created a booking, your client wants to add ski lift tickets, flowers to a function room, or spa treatments for the group. To add these to the booking, you will add ‘products’ to a booking, which is done very quickly in Thynk. 

In a previous lesson we showed you how to create a new function/event, and block the function space.  Now, follow these steps to add products: 

  1. Find the booking first and open it. 

  2. On the right side of the booking screen in the ‘Related’ tab, move down to ‘Booking Products’ and click on and click on ‘New’ button on the right.

  1. This opens a new product window. Many of the fields (booking name, number of guests, date of the event) have already been completed. 

  1. In the ‘Product’ field, search for the product by starting to type a few letters. Example: For a 3-course dinner, type the first few letters (din) and select it from the drop down menu which will show you all dinners starting with ‘din’. [If there are many dinners, the drop down list will not show them all. Click on ‘Show all results’ and this will open a new window which will list all items called dinner. Select the 3-course dinner you were looking for for this event by clicking on it.]

  2. Leave all other fields as is, and click on ‘Save’.

  3. This takes you to a new screen of the actual product you have added.

  4. If you click back on the booking link to go back to your booking, you can see on the right side in the ‘related’ tab, that you have just created a product. 

  5. To add another product for this booking (e.g. customer wants to have special flower arrangements) , on the booking screen, on the right side, under Products, you will click on the ‘New’ button and create the next product, repeating steps 4-5 above.  

  6. You can add as many products as you need. If you don’t find a product exists, please let your leadership or Thynk Admin know so they can add it to the setup.

Best Practices for Adding Products to a Booking

  • You should be as specific as possible selecting the right product for your event. For instance, if your hotel has 10 types of dinners, it’s important for your operations and revenue calculations that you select the correct dinner as requested by your client. 

  • If you find a specific product required by our client is not in the system and doesn’t appear in the product list, you should notify your Director, who will assess whether to add it into the system. Only the director with admin access will be able to edit and add products for users to use. 

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