How to Change List Views

How to Change List Views

Learning Objectives

You will learn how to...

  1. Change the way your lists appear on the Home Page

  2. Create a new list view by cloning an existing list view

  3. Add filters to your list view

  4. Add fields/columns on your list view 

Changing List Views 

When you log into Thynk you start at the Home Page, where you see the various tabs (e.g. Accounts, Contacts, Bookings etc.).  When you click into some of these tabs, you will see a list of records. The ‘Accounts’ tab will show you a list of accounts, the ‘Contacts’ tab shows a list of contacts, ‘Bookings’ will show a list of bookings, etc.  

By default, when you click onto any tab, you will see the ‘Most Recent’ items. This list is unique to the user, because it depends on which records you have viewed in the recent past. The columns on this list view of ‘Recently Viewed’ cannot be changed. However, there are list views that you can change yourself by adding columns, or filtering.  Or, you can also create new list views.

Sometimes instead of creating a brand new list view, it may be easier to copy an existing list view format, because most of the work is already done.  

To do this,  follow these steps: (We will use the ‘Accounts’ tab for this lesson)

  1. At the Home Screen, click on ‘Accounts’.

  2. Click on the down arrow on the right of the word ‘Accounts’.

  1. This shows you a list of existing list views. Open a list view that you like the most (one with the most complete information) because you will create a copy of it as a first step, and then edit it to create your new one.

  2. Go to the cog on the right and click on it and select ‘Clone’.

  1. In the ‘Clone List View’ window, update the ‘List Name’ field with the new account list you are creating. It will say ‘copy of’ but you should remove that and just enter in the new account list name here. 

  2. Leave the next field blank as the technical name of the field (API name) will create automatically.

  3. The last question: Who sees this list view? Select ‘Only I can see this list view’.

  4. Click on ‘Save’.

  5. At this point, if you want to make changes to the new list, you can add filters by clicking on the ‘filter’ icon on the right. Let the system walk you through this and ‘save’ the filter.

  1. You can also add columns to this list view by clicking on the cog again and clicking on ‘Select fields to display’.

  1. In the next ‘Select Fields to Display’ window, you will select the fields you want to pull over as columns on your new list view and click on the arrow right button.  You can select more than one by holding the Ctrl key down and selecting the fields you’d like and click on the right arrow. 

  1. Once you have selected the fields and moved them to the right, you can also change the way they appear by selecting them on the right side in ‘Visible Fields’ and clicking on the up or down button.  Click on ‘Save’ when done. 

  2. You can also reorder columns on your list view, by clicking on the header of the column and dragging it to where you want it to appear.

Best Practices for Changing List Views

  • Thynk users are able to update their own list views and only see their own list views without affecting others.

  • Thynk Admins can create list views for other users. So if you have complicated requirements, and feel you need help, please contact your Admin. 

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