how to contact THYNK support

How to Contact Thynk Support

Salesforce Support

One of the many benefits of using Thynk, is that you have access to many support options.  As Thynk is based on Salesforce, you can take advantage of Salesforce Support by simply searching on your chosen search engine.  

Thynk Support

However, if you have any questions on the Thynk application, please follow the steps below:  
  1. Ask for help from the Thynk power users in your property
  2. Check with your Thynk Admin if they can help you troubleshoot. Your admin acts as 'Level 1 support', which means, they are the first person to ask for help. They should be able to troubleshoot most questions.
  3. If you still need technical help, email your question and include the URL of the page that causes your error, and any screenshots of the error to

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