How to Create a New User Login

How to Create a New User Login

As THYNK Admin, you can manage user logins and grant new users access to your properties. You will also deactivate users as they leave.

To Create New Users

Before creating the new user, you must follow the steps for Multi-Factor Authentication. 

With the introduction of MFA, anyone who logs into Salesforce has to be set up with a secondary verification method. Thynk recommends using the Salesforce Authenticator.  Any new user who joins the organization and needs to use the Thynk platform should download the app for their smartphone from the respective app store (apple or android).

Apple device: 
Android device:

  1. To add a new user, from 'Setup', in the Quick Find Box, type in the word 'Users' and then select 'Users', or click on the Settings symbol on the top right of the home screen.
  2. Click on 'New User'. 
  3. Enter the user’s name, their email address and a unique username in the form of an email address. By default, the username is the same as the email address. 
  4. Select a 'Role' to grant access to the property records (applies only for Multi-Property organisations, in Single-Property organisations leave the Role blank).
  5. Select a 'User License': 1. Salesforce Platform for ‘TH User’ profile, or 2. Salesforce for ‘TH Admin’ profile The number of available licenses can be found in Setup -> Company Information
  6. Select a 'Profile' 

  7. Assign Permission Sets to grant access to objects outside of profiles. The recommended practice is to assign ‘User’ Permission sets to Users with ‘TH User’ profile and ‘Admin’ Permission sets to Users with ‘TH Admin’ profile. See below.
  8. Update other User Information, Title, Address, Locale, Language, Phone, etc. and 'Save'.   
  9. The system will immediately send an email to the user with their login name and a temporary password. The link sent by Salesforce to the new user will expire within 24 hours, so please notify them to check their email inbox and spam and log in.

Permission Sets
MYCE User Read Only
This is normally someone in Operations whose Access is limited to viewing records and running reports. Read Only users cannot create, edit, or delete any records. 
Most common access level given to users who need to work with Accounts, Contacts, MYCE Quotes, Reservations, Orders, Quote Hotel Rooms etc.
MYCE Admin
In addition to MYCE User access, the MYCE Admin has access to practical configuration settings of the org, such as Products, Packages, Resources, Room Types, etc. 
Lobby Mews User
Properties interfaced with Mews PMS can allow users to access Mews reservations.
Overbooking User
Given to users to allow them to overbook meeting spaces.
PDF Butler User
The PDF Butler User is permitted to merge PDF Butler documents, such as proposals, contracts, and function sheets.
PDF Butler Admin Local
In addition to PDF Butler User access, the PDF Butler Admin Local would have been trained to amend PDF Butler documents, such as proposals, contracts and function sheets. 
Invoicing User
This is related to the Invoicing module where invoices are extracted for customers.
Tableau CRM Plus User
Access to read only features enabled by Tableau CRM Plus license.
Tableau CRM Plus Admin
Access to all features enabled by Tableau CRM Plus license.
Standard Einstein Activity Capture
Access to Standard Einstein Activity Capture.

Do not forget to de-activate the user login when the user leaves the organisation. The released license can then be assigned to another user.









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