How to create a Package?

How to Create a Package

Learning Objectives
At the end of this article you will know…
  1. How to create a new package
  2. How to start building a new package by adding package items

Creating a New Package

For your sales team to be able to add packages to bookings, you, as Admin, will need to create these packages in Thynk.

A package is a grouping of products that can be easily added to a booking (quote). Packages are linked to a property, and should be created for any commonly sold products that your property offers in a bundle.
Examples of packages are: B&B (bed & breakfast), DDR (day delegate rate package)
Only admins can create packages.
Packages are always priced per person.

To create a new package, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the ‘Packages’ tab, or use the app launcher on the top left to find ‘Packages’, take a look at all existing packages by clicking on the down arrow on the right of the ‘Recently Viewed’ and select ‘All’, to make sure it doesn’t already exist, then click on ‘New’.
  2. A pop-up window will appear, where you will need to add some details for your new package.

    1. Name your package in the ‘Name’ field. As a best practice we recommend having the title include whether it’s a single day or multi-day package as well.

    2. Assign a ‘Property’ from the drop down list.

    3. Declare the pricing-type of package you're building:
      1. Custom package, you can select the ‘custom’ checkbox. You should see a help text explaining what it means to have a custom package. Note, if selected users can modify price and package components in the booking.
      2. Standard package, by leaving ‘Custom Package’ checkbox unselected, users are only able to discount a package, however you should set a maximum discount amount. Check with your leadership on the pricing and the discounts etc. Enter the maximum amount you can discount in this field.

    4. Declare the day-type of package you're building:
      1. If your package spans multiple days, meaning it covers a booking that extends over several days and requires products or events on different days of the stay, you should check the 'Multi-Days' box. You can find helpful information by hovering over the 'i' icon next to this checkbox.
      2. Users can still modify these days in their booking if necessary. For example, if breakfast is initially set for day 1 but the guest arrives at night, users can easily change it to day 2. It's important to note that such changes only affect their individual booking and do not impact the main package.
      3. If you're creating a 'Single-Day' package, simply leave the 'Multi-day' checkbox unchecked, and all products will default to 'Applied day 1'.

    5. In the ‘Discount Max’ field, for standard packages, you can allow users to discount a package, however you should set a maximum discount amount. Check with your leadership on the pricing and the discounts etc. Enter the maximum amount you can discount in this field.

    6. New packages will be active by default. This allows a package to be added to a booking. If a package has an end date, it will automatically become inactive after the end date has passed.

    7. If this package is commissionable, check the ‘Commissionable’ box.

    8. Use the description section to give your package descriptions in up to 3 languages. Note that the Description field only allows up to 255 characters.

    9. The ‘availability’ section contains info about when the package can be used. Maybe this is a special package valid only during the summer, you can set dates here.
      Note, All fields are optional- If a ‘start date’ is used, then the package cannot be added to bookings before that date. If the ‘end date’ is left blank, then there will be no cutoff for when the package can be added by your sales team. If the ‘end date’ is entered, the package cannot be added to bookings after that date.
    10. Some packages can have ‘Minimum Guests’. If your property only sells certain packages to a minimum number of guests, you can enter that minimum here. As your sales team adds packages to bookings, they'll notice that if they add a package to a booking and the guest count is under the minimum or above the maximum amount defined, they will receive an error and will not be able to add the package unless the number of guests is modified.

    11. Similarly if you have packages that you are offering up to a maximum guest count, click on the ‘Maximum Guests’ field and enter the maximum number of guests here. You can also leave it blank if this doesn’t apply. If a sales colleague tries to enter in a larger number of guests for this package, they will get a message indicating that they have exceeded the maximum number.

    12. Click on ‘Save’. You will be taken to your newly created package page.

    13. Now it’s time to add your package items. On this page (your package), click on ‘New’ to add package items.
    14. Select what type of package item you are adding. The process will be the same to add additional package items.
    15. Depending on your selection the next window will open accordingly for you to complete. Let’s click on ‘Hotel Room’ in this example, and click on ‘Next’.

    16. In the new window, type "Accommodation" into the ‘Name’ field, or however you wish to show to customers on the package.

    17. Choose the occupancy type.

    18. Click on ‘Room Type’ and select the room type from the drop down list.

    19. Click on ‘Product’ and select the correct items on the drop down list.

    20. Select the ‘Start Time’ - you can use the check-in time.

    21. And select the ‘End Time’ - use the check-out time.

    22. Click into 'Unit Price' and Type the price breakdown for the guest room on the package.

    23. Click on the VAT/Tax Category to select from the drop down list.

    24. Click on 'Rate' and choose the rate from the drop down list.

    25. Extra step if you have chosen the ‘Multi-day’ package, there will be a field called ‘Applied day’ which is where you can add which day this specific product should be added on.

    26. Click on 'Save & New' if you want to add another package item. Or 'Save' if you are done.

    27. Continue adding your package items till your package is fully built.

    28. Here is an example of how your package may look like with the various items.

Best Practices for Creating Packages

  1. An example package for a DDR package would be: DDR would be the package name. Then you would add a package item for the meeting room from 9-5, another package item of a breakfast product, a.m. coffee break product, p.m. coffee break product and lunch product. If all the food is to be served in the meeting room, you'd fill in the event lookup on the package item for the 9-5 event.
  2. Only Admins can create and modify packages for sales colleagues to use on bookings
  3. Admins should get the correct information on packages, pricing, discounting from their leadership to make sure the sales team is using the correct pricing.
  4. We recommend having the title include whether it is a single or multi-day package


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