How to Create an Email Template

How to Create an Email Template

What is an email template? 

Email templates are amazing tools to help you save time, engage with contacts on a regular and personalised way, and ensure consistency in your communication to clients. 
There are two ways to create email templates in THYNK.

By going through the Contact

  1. On the Home Page, click on 'Contacts' and select a contact from the list view 
  2. From this record, look at the activity on the right
  3. Click on email and start composing
  4. You can add merge field to personalize your template
    1. Click on merge
    2. Scroll down to select what you want to merge or filter in the search bar
  5. To upload a file, for example a signature, go to attach file
    1. You can upload new files
    2. Or select existing ones
  6. Save your new template
  7. Add the title of your new template and a short description

By going through the Launcher

  1. Click on the Launcher menu on the top left of your Home Page
  2. In the search field, write 'email' and select 'Email Template' to see all your email templates
  3. Click on 'New Email Template'
  4. Fill the template
    1. Title
    2. Description
    3. Content

  5.        Add merge field, again to personalize your template  

  6. You can switch view and the the HTML code by clicking on 'Source' and click on 'Save' to save your changes a) "Recipient full name" is the selected merge field we have inserted in our example           
  7. To attach files, there are two ways. Once you have Saved your template, go to 'Related'
    1. Click on 'Upload Files' to upload a new document, or 
    2. 'Add Files' if they are existing documents

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