How to Deactivate a User

How to Deactivate a User

Learning Objectives

At the end of this lesson you will know …. 

  1. What the implications are of deactivating users

  2. How to deactivate users in Thynk 

Deactivating Users

When a Thynk user leaves your company, you will need to deactivate them in Thynk, instead of deleting them.  If you deleted the user, you would delete all sorts of valuable booking histories and activities, which you should never do. 

Only Thynk administrators can create new users, edit them and deactivate them. 

What are the implications of deactivating users? 

  1. The first thing you will want to prevent is for the user to access the data, so deactivating them will remove their access. 

  2. Sales activities will still stay on the deactivated user, until the Corporate/Group administrator transfers them to the new user. For instructions on this, please refer to the Salesforce Help Article

  3. Accounts, Contacts and Bookings will still show the deactivated user’s name. These will need to be transferred by the Corporate/Group Administrator.

  4. The implications of transferring bookings to a new user can be very significant as they may affect bonuses.

To deactivate a user, follow these steps: 

  1. At the Home Screen, click on ‘Setup’ and on the left, under the ‘Administration’ section click on ‘Users’.

  2. Find the person who has left and click on the ‘Edit’ on the left of the name.

  3. Find the ‘Active’ button and click into it to remove the check. 

  1. ‘Save’

  2. Now, the user won’t appear in the ‘Active Users’ view

  1. To verify that you have deactivated the user, you can change the view to show ‘All users’ and you will see the name appearing without the ‘active’ checkbox ticked. 

Best Practices for Deactivating Users

  • Check your SOPs if there is a guideline on how quickly a user should be deactivated. Your IT department will have procedures in place as well to prohibit the user to access company information on all systems.  It’s always a good idea to deactivate them in Thynk as well.

  • Always get your leadership’s permission before deactivating a user.

  • Once you have deactivated your user, your Corporate/Group administrator will still be able to mass transfer the user’s accounts, contact, bookings to the new manager. Again, this should be performed with your leadership’s permission because typically they will decide how to divide up the leaving manager’s bookings, activities, accounts etc. 


  1. Manage Activities Owned by Users of Einstein Activity Capture - Salesforce Article


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