How to Personalise the Tabs on your Home Page (Navigation Bar)

How to Personalise the Tabs on your Home Page (Navigation Bar)

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn how to add tabs on your Home Page without making changes for other users

  2. Remove some of the tabs on your Home Page 

  3. Change the sequence of the tabs on your Home Page

Editing the Tabs (Navigation Bar) on your Home Page

Every user has different needs based on their responsibilities. Commercial Directors may need more tabs on their Home Page than perhaps a sales manager.  A Thynk Administrator will need totally different tabs because they are able to update items in the setup. 

You can personalize your navigation bar very easily in Thynk. If you see tabs that you don’t need, you can remove them yourself very easily.  Maybe you don’t find their sequence logical, you can even move the tabs to suit your needs. And of course, we’ll show you how to also add a tab. 

To edit your tabs/’navigation bar’ on the Home Page, follow these steps: 

  1. At the Home Page, you see the various tabs across. Go to the right and click on the ‘pencil’ icon to edit them. 

  1. A new ‘Navigation Items’ window appears where you can select which tabs you wish to display on your Home Page.

  2. To add new tabs on your Home Page, click on the ‘Add More Items’ button to see additional items you may not see here on the first view.

  1. Click on the ‘All’.  Here you get a list of all items you can add to your Home Page. You can scroll through them and choose an item.  One caution when you click to ‘All’, you will see all Salesforce standard options, and many may not make sense to you. But don’t worry about that. 

  1. If you know specifically what you are looking for, you can type it into the ‘Search all items’ search box.  Example: if you constantly look for BEOs, you can type ‘BEO’ in the search box and select it by clicking on the green plus and on the ‘Add 1 Nav item’ button.

  1. When you have added this new item to show on your tabs, it will appear on the bottom of your list. You can change the sequence of it so it shows in the right place for you on the Home Page, by clicking on the small lines on the left of each tab name. Drag and Drop the selection up to where you want it to show. And ‘Save’.

  1. If you want to remove some tabs for your personal view, you can do this with the ones with an  ‘X’ on the right.  If you remove something here, you can still find it in the left hand navigation grid.

  2. Click on the ‘x’ of the one(s) you don’t want to see, and click on ‘Save’. Now you will see that those tabs have been removed. 

  3. In the next ‘Edit Navigation Items’ window, ‘Save’ when done.

  4. If you want to move the tabs around, you can also just simply drag them around with your mouse. 

  5. Any changes you make will be specifically only for your user profile, and will not affect your colleagues at all. 

To Add a Tabs Not Listed in the Navigation Editing Window

In some cases, you may be looking to add something to your tabs that doesn’t appear in the ‘edit app navigation items’ window.   For example, you wish to have a tab to show you ‘Requests’. To do this, follow these steps: 

  1. On your Home Page, click on the 9 dots on the top left. This is the ‘Apps’ icon

  1. Type in the word Requests and click on it to select it.

  2. Now, ‘Requests’ shows on your tabs but it shows with a *.  This means that when you log out and log back in, it will not show on your tabs. If you want to save it to the navigation bar, click on the down arrow next to it.

  1. Now click on ‘+ Add to Nav Bar’ 

  1. It will now always appear as a tab on your navigation bar on your Home Page.

  2. And remember that with any list views, you can change the view by clicking on the down arrow. You can also use the ‘pin’ icon to pin your favourite list. 

Best Practices for Editing Tabs on your Home Page

  • If you feel you don’t need to see all the tabs that come as a standard, you can change them without affecting other users. 

  • In addition to removing tabs, or moving them around, you can also add them by following the same editing process.


  1. Personalise the navigation bar - Salesforce article 

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