How to send an Email Blast

How to send an Email Blast

Learning Objectives

At the end of this lesson you will know… 
  1. How to send an email blast to your customers
  2. The maximum number of emails you can send per day

Sending an Email Blast

We have mentioned in previous lessons the importance of keeping a clean database of accounts and contacts . Another advantage of having a clean database is that you can send email blasts (a single email message to a list of contacts simultaneously) very quickly.

A few examples are: Your General Manager is hosting a holiday cocktail reception and you’d like to invite your top contacts, or your local contacts. Or, you want to fill the occupancy gaps in your hotel during the low season, and you’d like to send a sales offer via one blanket email.

Some Restrictions/Guidelines… 

In Thynk you can perform email blasts without having to purchase expensive solutions, as long as you keep within these Salesforce guidelines/restrictions: 

  • List emails can contain up to 32,000 characters for the body and 3,000 characters for the subject. These limits include visible characters and other characters in the email, including markup.
  • The maximum size of email messages for email services is 35 MB and includes the email header, subject, body, and attachments. Because attachments are sent as links, a large attachment doesn’t cause an email message to exceed these limits. You can manually select up to 200 contacts or leads from a contact or lead list view.
  • You can add up to 10 list views in the Recipients field.
  • List emails count against an org’s mass email daily send limit, which is typically 5,000 email recipients per day.

Now, let’s say you want to send an email to all your contacts.  To do this, follow these steps: 

  1. At the Home Screen, click on the Contacts tab. Click on the arrow to select ‘My Contacts’.
Note: You can send an email to other contacts by selecting the filters, however, in this example, we will use ‘My Contacts’
  1. Click on the top checkbox on the left to select all contacts (or you can choose one by one). Then, click on 'Send List Email'.

  1. At the next ‘Send List Email’ window, you can leave the 'Subject' field blank because it will be filled in in the next steps. Scroll down to see the little icons on the bottom left. Click on 'Insert, create, or update template'…

  1. Click on the second icon 'Insert create or update a template'.
  2. This shows you all templates that were set up during your configuration, or click on the recently used ones that appear here… Click on the template you wish to use.

Note: if you don't see any templates here, please contact your Thynk Administrator. They will need to create new templates for you.

  1. This opens the template you have selected, where you can edit anything you see, including the Subject line.  However, please don't change the 'merge tags' (anything with brackets) as this is where the contact names will appear one by one in their emails.

  1. Scroll down in this window to see the rest of the email.  Make any changes and make sure it reads well. When ready to send, click on 'Send'. This will send the emails to all the contacts you had selected. In addition, you will see that the email was sent in the respective Contacts’ Activities. 

Best Practices for Sending Email Blasts

  • Salesforce has set limits as to how many characters the emails contain, and how many emails can be sent out from your org. But usually these limits are still okay for most needs
  • If you need to have email templates set up, please contact your Thynk Admin. 

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