How to Send Thank You Emails

How to Send Thank You Emails

Learning Objectives

This article shows you …

  1. The various methods you can send thank you emails

  2. How to send thank you emails using email templates

  3. How automated emails work, if set up for your property 

  4. Whom to contact if you don’t see any email templates

Sending Thank you Emails 

Once a group has departed, you will want to send a thank you email to your customer/meeting planner, or agent, depending on who booked the business in the first place.

There are a few ways of doing this: 

  1. Send it ‘old school’ - manually, where you open your email system to write your email. This isn’t ideal, as it’s repetitive, time consuming, and allows for grammatical errors and typos. 

  2. Use email templates, which would have been set up during your initial configuration by the Thynk team. This method saves a lot of time, because your emails are already created, and they will pull in the contact name, email address, booking name and dates, etc. All you have to do is read the email, edit it if needed, and send it.  This can also be set up to include an attachment such as a survey. This method also allows for professional and consistent communication. 

  3. Another method is to use automated email templates, if your property is set up this way. Automated thank you emails can be sent 1 day after the group has departed, or however many days were decided by your Director during configuration.  These are sent automatically without notification and will appear in your activities.

Sending Emails using Email Templates

To send a thank you email, if email templates have been set up during configuration, follow these steps: 

  1. Find the booking and open it.

  2. On the right side of the booking screen, click on the ‘Communication’ tab to see your email templates.

  1. Here, look for a ‘Thank You’ email template. If you don’t see it here, this means your system is not set up with this email template.  Please contact your Thynk Admin if this would be helpful, and they can either create one for you or contact Thynk Support.

  2. Next to the ‘thank you’ email template, click on the Actions ‘Email’ button, which will automatically create your personalised thank you email below on the same booking screen. It will pull the contact name and email address from the booking, and any other information that was built into your email template, such as booking name, the dates, etc. 

  3. Here you can edit the email if you like and ‘Send’ it.

Any user can create email templates as long as the admin has given them permission to do this.  Please do check with your Thynk admin for further information.

Using Automated Email Templates

An even better way is to use automated email templates, however, these must be set up for your property during the initial Thynk configuration. If they are not set up, contact your Thynk Admin who can either create them for you, or get some guidance from Thynk Support.

There isn’t anything to be done as a sales user here because the automated emails will just be generated and sent. They will appear in your activities. 

Best Practices for Emailing Customers

  • If your property is not set up with email templates and automated templates, it may be a good idea to set them up. This allows for consistent, clean, professional and error free communication to your customers in a timely manner. 

  • Email templates can be used for other tasks as well, such as sending proposals, contracts, BEOs. Again, if these are set up during the configuration, it makes it very easy to create a proposal and use the email template to email it promptly to the customer.  

  • Please check with your Admin if you have any questions.

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