How to View Your Log of Calls and Future Tasks

How to View Your Log of Calls and Future Tasks

Learning Objectives

At the end of this lesson you will know …

  1. How to find your tasks, and log of calls for your own use

  2. How to see your outstanding tasks for the next 7 days

  3. That you don't have to keep a separate log of calls in spreadsheet format

  4. How your sales director can see your sales activities in Thynk without the need of spreadsheets

Keeping a Log of Calls and Tracking Future Tasks 

It is very common for sales directors to ask to see their sales teams' sales activities so they can not only ensure that the team is working as efficiently as possible, but also to sometimes guide them in the sales process with specific customers. 

For example, some directors are quite hands on and they may see that you have a call scheduled with a very important meeting planner who is considering other competitors. They may ask the sales manager if it would be beneficial for them to join the call in order to help secure the business.

In hotels who still have manual processes, sales managers have been manually entering their calls into spreadsheets, just so they can email them on a weekly basis to their directors. You won’t have to do this anymore!

Viewing your Calls and Tasks

In a previous lesson, you have learned how to log your calls, create new appointments and future tasks.  You have also learned that you must mark your future task as ‘complete’ when you have acted on them so they don’t appear as ‘overdue’ tasks. 

Now you want to be able to view your calls and tasks.  To do this follow these steps: 

  1. Click on the Home tab to view your dashboard.

  2. The ‘Today’s Tasks’ box shows you a list of today’s tasks. If you have tasks for today, the list will appear in this box. You can access them all here by clicking into them. 

  1. To view all ‘overdue tasks’ (those you haven’t marked ‘completed’) you can choose a different view by clicking on the down button on the right and selecting one of the options given). In this case  ‘All Overdue’.

  1. This standard view gives you only the day’s tasks. However, you can change this view if you wish to see all your overdue tasks for the next seven days.  This will save the new List View under your Tasks tab on your Home Page, and it’s only a one time exercise.

  2. To change the view to show you the next seven days, click  on the ‘View all’ underneath the list of tasks on your Home Page. 

  1. This opens another full window showing you ‘Recently Viewed’ Activities.

  2. Change the view to show you ‘Open Tasks’.

  3. Here click on the ‘display as’ box and select ‘Table’ view. 

  1. To the right click on the cog and on ‘Clone’ to make a copy of this view.

  1. In the ‘Clone List View’ window fill in the fields. Change the name to ‘Open Tasks Next Week’. The ‘List API Name’ field will autocomplete, and by default, only you will see this list view, which is how you want to leave the ‘Who sees this list view’ as is. Click on ‘Save’.

  1. You’re almost there! On the next window, use your filters to change the date to show you next week’s dates.  On the filter window on the right, leave the ‘Filter by Owner’ field as ‘my tasks’. Leave the ‘Closed’ filter as ‘False’ (which means you have not completed the task, hence it’s still outstanding), but change the ‘Due Date’ field as you want to see the next 7 days.

  1. In the ‘Due Date’ field, type in small letters ‘next 7 days’  and click on ‘Done’ and ‘Save’.

  1. When saved, the system will automatically change the due date to all capital letters so you know that it has confirmed the filter. 

  2. You will now see all the tasks due the next 7 days. This new list view will be saved under the ‘Tasks’ tab so you won’t have to do this again.

Viewing your Calendar Appointments

  1. Click on the Home tab and you will see your appointments in the box ‘Today’s Events’ 

  1. This shows you today’s appointments and you can again click into it to see information on the appointment

  2. Click on the ‘View Calendar’ to open the calendar where you can move around to see upcoming appointments, or those in the past.

Note: Your director shouldn't need to ask you to send them weekly activity reports because they can view all sales activities on their own dashboards. 

Best Practices for Viewing Activities

  • It’s important that you track all tasks, appointments and calls in Thynk. This should become your property SOP. 

  • Your director won’t need you to track your sales activities on spreadsheets, if this is what you were doing previously. They can easily see your activities in their own dashboards. 

  • If they are not seeing your activities on their dashboard, suggest checking with their Thynk Admin, so they can help them set it up for them.

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