How to create New MYCE Quote?

How to Create a New MYCE Quote

As Salesforce user, you can create MYCE Quote for each deal in progress.  Your MYCE Quotes will help you to manage more efficiently your business.

If you have doubt about the MYCE Quote meaning, feel free to refer you to the What is a MYCE Quote article.

How to create a New MYCE Quote? 

  1. First go to MYCE Quote
  2. Select “New MYCE Quote
    MYCE Quote1

  3. Fill the required information to create your MYCE Quote & Note that the information with the red star are mandatory
    1. Name
    2. Company: right the company’s name you are dealing with
    3. The arrival and departure date: the departure date must be after the arrival date, otherwise you will receive an error message
    4. Type of event
    5. Number of people attending the event
    6. Hotel
    7. Request date
    8. Etc
  4. Save your changes when you have finishedMYCE Quote2
    1. Note that you have to take into consideration the following information when filling your New MYCE Quote

      1. There is no name limitation, you can choose the name you want; however, we advise you to write the date of your future event or meeting (maximum 80 characters)

      2. When filling the arrival date, you have to write it accordingly to your country   

        1. E.g. for the 1st February 2020: FR = 01/02/2020 whereas in US = 02/01/2020

      3. The arrival date cannot be posterior to the departure date

      4. The number of people attending the meeting means the maximum number of people

      5. Source: email, phone, other hotels…

      6. The company means the person who requested the meeting or event. If an agent made the reservation and you don’t know the name of the company, it is better to leave the field empty.

      7. The contact field signifies the people of the company requesting the reservation. Note that people outside the company cannot be linked to the reservation.

  5. Once you have created your MYCE Quote, you can see at the top the most important information
  6. The current stage of your MYCE Quote will appear in blue
  7. When you have competed a stage, you can click on “Mark Stage as Complete” to move to the next stage.
    1. To learn more about the proposal stages, read our article “What are the MYCE Quote Proposal Stages
  8. The details of the event will be on the left
  9. You can also add Quote lines 
    MYCE Quote3

  10. When you have finished to add all the Quote Lines, you will find all the financial information related to the event on the left by scrolling downMYCE Quote 4

Adding Quote Lines

Hotel Rooms:

  1. Click on New
  2. Fill the information required to add Hotel Rooms Package Line
    1. Name
    2. MYCE Quote: it will be automatically filled with your current MYCE Quote
    3. Product: write the name of the product you want to add according to the hotel
    4. Space are: the space area depends of the hotel
    5. Arrival & Departure Date Time: you can fill the dates or simply write the day number bellow
      1. Here day 1 means the 15th May as the event starts on the 15th and ends on the 16th May
  3. Save your changes when you have finished Hotel Rooms 2
  4. The rooms you have added to your MYCE Quote will appear as hereunderHotel Rooms 3

Meeting Packages

What is it?

The packages help you to gather products and use it for different MYCE Quote, of the same hotel. By adding packages in your deals, you will save time an be more efficient.

If you want to know more about the packages, feel free to read our Packages article.

Add Meeting Packages

  1. Here select meeting package and click on new 
    Meeting Packages 1

  2. Fill the information of the Meeting Package
    1. Name the meeting package
    2. MYCE Quote will be automatically filled when creating a new meeting package
    3. Package: select the package you want to add according to your hotel
    4. Number of people
    5. Start and end date can be replace by the day number
      1. Here, the package will be added for the second day, as the event start on the 15th May and finished on the 16th May, the second day will be the  16th May
  3. Don't forget to save your changes Meeting Packages 2
  4. This is how will appear your Meeting Packages once added to the MYCE Quote Meeting Packages 3

Meeting Rooms

  1. Click on New Meeting Room
    Meeting Rooms 1
    1. You will have to determine the product used for the meeting room

  2. Again, you have to fill the information
    1. Name
    2. MYCE Quote: automatically filled
    3. Product: according to your hotel – here you can select the meeting room the event will take place
    4. Number of people
    5. Start and end date can be replaced by the day number
  3. Save your changes 
    Meeting Rooms 2

  4. Once saved, the meeting room created will appear in the MYCE QuoteMeeting Rooms 3


What is it? 

Here you can add the products that will be included in the event 

The products might be included in the Meeting Packages or in this product section when included separately 

The breakfast was not included in the Meeting package we had selected; therefore we will add it now in the event

Add Products

  1. Select Product and click on NewProducts 1
  2. Fill the information required
    1. Name
    2. MYCE Quote: automatically filled
    3. Product: select here the product you want to include in the event
    4. Number of people
    5. Start and end date might be replaced by the day number    
  3. Save your changesProducts 2
  4. Once you have created your product, it will appear in the MYCE Quote Products 3


What is it?

You can add your guest’ payment for the event in the Quote Line, it will help to to understandhow is moving your deal.

By knowing the payments status of your event, you will be able to better manage it.

Add Payments

  1. To add a payment, click on newPayments 1
  2. Fill the information
    1. MYCE Quote will be automatically filled
    2. Guest: add the guest paying for the event
    3. Bill: you can add a specific bill if added in the documents
    4. Gross value of the event
    5. Accounting category
    6. Net value
    7. Tax values
    8. Payment name: for example, we could name this payment “First Payment”
    9. Mews ID
    10. If you want to send the payment to your PMS, you can click on send to MEWS.
  3. Save your changesPayments 2

Now you are ready to manage great deals through your MYCE Quotes! 


Need some more help? Watch our support video!

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