Long Text Field Templates for Fields in Thynk

Long Text Field Templates for Fields in Thynk

In Thynk, there are fields for users to enter in Descriptions or Comments. These normally appear blank when you create an account, booking, etc, but if you have a set SOP, or simply wish to create a way to capture consistent information, you can create templates for these fields. 

Only Admins can create and edit templates.

To create templates...

1. Open the property page. Scroll down to the section called Templates. These are long text fields that can be prefilled with a sample or template note. The available templates are: 
    • Account & Contact Descriptions 
    • Booking Accommodation Notes
    • Booking Catering Notes
    • Booking Internal Notes
    • Booking Dietary Requirements
    • Booking Invoicing Details
    • Booking Event BEO Description 
    • Booking Product BEO Description 

2. Click on the pencil icon to edit your templates in the respective fields, and Save when done. 

Once you have created these templates, anytime a user creates a new account, contact, booking, booking event, or booking product, the default template will appear in the description fields, so all users can be consistent in the way they are tracking their information. 

Some examples...

For Account Description: maybe you want to have a brief bio on the company, company size, frequency of events, or any other budget notes, or additional comments your management may find useful. 
For Contact Description: maybe you want to track: hobbies, personal preferences, favourite wine, etc. 
For Invoicing Details: maybe a company has specific invoicing instructions.

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