Navigation Menu and Components

Navigation Menu and Components

This article is created to provide a quick overview of the navigation menu and its components.  Some users may call this the 'home page'. 

  1. Customizable Brand Logo - your company logo should appear here. 
  2. App Launcher - The App Launcher shows you your standard and connected apps in Salesforce. Depending on your subscription, users can toggle between Lobby Mews, MYCE from the App Launcher. It contains a collection of components such as tabs, reports, dashboards, and PDF Butler that address a specific business need.  
  3. App - The current application in use
  4. Global Search field - this allows you to search on objects, and record types (e.g. accounts, contacts, meetings, event, MICE quotes etc) 
  5. Navigation Bar - Available objects include accounts, contracts, contacts, dashboards, orders, price books, products, quotes, reports, tasks, and any custom object
  6. Favourites - shortcut to your MYCE pages that have been marked as Favourite by user 
  7. Global Actions - links to a global action to let users log call details, create or update records, or send email, all without leaving the page they’re on 
  8. Help -  links to Salesforce Help & Learning
  9. Setup – access to Setup Menu
  10. Notifications icon that keep users in the know with timely notices
  11. User Profile - to view detailed information about the user
  12. More - Click on "More" to see the rest of the objects listed on the Navigation Bar
  13. Pencil Icon - Click to personalise your Navigation Bar

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