Overview on Payments & Payment Schedules

Overview on Payments & Payment Schedules

Learning Objectives:
  1. Understand what Payments and Payment Schedules are on Thynk
  2. Understand how these work

What are Payment Schedules and Payments?

Thynk's Payments and Payment Schedules features are essential components which can be found on the Booking page. These features allows efficient tracking, scheduling, and confirmation of payments from customers for users. This streamlines the process of managing financial transactions, offering users greater control and organization over the Booking's payment activities.
Note the solution is a manual input from users. 

Overview of each feature

Payment Schedules

This allows users to set up future payments with a defined 'Amount' & 'Due Date'. As payments are made, Thynk automatically updates fields for 'Total Amount Paid' and 'Total % Paid', providing users with real-time verification of payment progress.

When you Create a Payment Schedule: 

After you have 'Saved':


Thynk's Payments feature enables users to track various types of financial transactions from customers within a Booking, users have the ability to mark the Gross amount the customer paid, Payment Method and Paid Date. 

When you Create a New Payment:

After you have Saved:

How does this work?

Click here to watch our demo of this feature!

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