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Function Diary Parent Spaces

What is a Function Diary Parent Space?  

The Function Diary shows you in calendar format an overview of meetings/events and function space availability. However, when you have a many events, you have to keep scrolling through a long list, which is not only cumbersome but also is a waste of time. On any function space, you can assign a Function Diary Parent Space. In the example below, Grand Ballroom 1, 2, 3 and 1+2 all have Grand Ballroom assigned as the Function Diary Parent Space. Then, Grand Ballroom has 1st Floor assigned as the Function Diary Parent Space. If 1st floor is not actually a bookable space, that space could be marked as such by leaving the "bookable" checkbox unchecked. In this way, you can create visual hierarchy on the Function Diary without necessarily creating more bookable space options. 

Function Diary Parent Spaces allow you to group your function spaces together.  It also allows you collapse and expand the 'parent' function spaces; by collapsing, you can see if any of the 'child' meeting rooms are blocked together by the same client, and by expanding, you can see the details. You also no longer have to scroll down the page to see the availability of all of your meeting rooms.  

Use Cases

  1. You are a sales manager in a hotel with 30 meeting rooms, on the north and south side of the hotel. One of your clients asks you to have a meeting room on the south side. Thanks to the Function Diary Parent Spaces, you can simply collapse the meeting rooms of the north side, and extend the family of meeting rooms on the south side and get a direct overview of the availabilities requested.
  2. You are the operational manager of a hotel with 5 meeting rooms that can accommodate a maximum of 20 people each. You can connect all the rooms together to accommodate 100 people in the same meeting room. You receive a request for a seminar for 75 people. You can decide to block only 4 meeting rooms. Therefore, in the function diary, you see that the reservation of all five rooms will not be possible, but visually you will see that one room is not occupied. Therefore, you are not missing any opportunities. 

Does marking a Function Diary Parent Space have an impact when booking events? 

As indicated by the "Function Diary" in the name, the field only impacts how your spaces appear on the function diary. In order to actually connect spaces so that they blocked automatically, you can create Combination Spaces. 

Let's say you want to book the Grand Ballroom 1 + 2. You need to make sure that the Grand Ballroom 1 and Grand Ballroom 2 are also blocked during the event time so that you do not overbook. Even if Grand Ballroom 1 and Grand Ballroom 2 have a relationship to Grand Ballroom 1 + 2 via the Function Diary Parent space field, you'll still need to create the combination spaces. Read more about combination spaces here

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