Personalizing your Navigation Bar

Personalizing your Navigation Bar

Personalizing your Navigation Bar

Since everyone works differently THYNK allows you to customize your Home Page's Navigation Bar so it works for you. 

From the Navigation Menu > click on the pencil icon located on the far right of the navigation bar. The "Edit MYCE App Navigation Items" window will appear as shown: 

  1. Click on "Add More Items" to add items to your navigation bar. Search through your Favorites or all available items in your org, and
  2. Choose what to add 
  3. You may reorder the navigation items by dragging the items upwards/downwards OR to remove items from the list, user can click on the corresponding X of the item selected.
  4. Finally, click on 'Save' to keep the changes made to your navigation bar.

To reset the navigation bar to its original state, and to remove all user's personalized items, click on the "Reset Navigation to Default" hyperlink to open a window that feature the default setting. Click 'Save' to proceed with the reset. 

References – Personalize the Navigation Bar in Lightning Experience:

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