PMS Account <> Account Mapping

PMS Account <> Account Mapping

This article will review the mapping of fields between PMS Accounts and Accounts in Thynk. There are a few scenarios when this mapping is used: 

  1. When an Account is created manually from a PMS Account by checking “Create Account” 

  2. When a PMS Account is matched to an Account for the first time and “Update Fields” is checked on the Account 

  3. When new information is added to the PMS Account and “Update Fields is checked on the linked Account

Checking “Update Fields” will check the Primary PMS Account for any data that is currently missing on the Account and update the corresponding fields on the Account with that data. This means that existing data will never be overwritten on the Account. 

The following fields are mapped from PMS Account to Account: 

  • Corporate Id 

  • Currency 

  • Email 

  • Fax 

  • IATA 

  • Phone

  • Status 

  • TAx Id 

  • Website 

  • Sic

  • Sic Description


There are three address types on Thynk Account: 

  • Billing 

  • Shipping 

  • Primary 

Primary is mapped directly from the Primary fields on PMS Account, while Billing and Shipping are mapped from PMS Addresses, which can be found on the related field for PMS Account. The PMS Address object has a field for Address Type. If the Type is Billing, the address will be mapped to the Billing Address fields on the Account, and the same is true for Shipping. If address types in your PMS are not labeled as either Billing or Shipping, you will have to work with your Project Manager to set up a custom mapping. The "Primary" address will not be mapped to Billing or Shipping, as there is a Primary field on the Account.

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