Rooming List FAQ

Rooming List FAQ

Does Thynk support individual pickup? 

Yes, Thynk supports both individual pickup and standard rooming list functionality. If the “Individual Pickup” checkbox is set to true at the booking level, then reservations will be created in Thynk and sent to the PMS only as guest names are uploaded via the rooming list. 

If not checked, then as soon as reservations are created in Thynk, they are also sent to the PMS. 

What are the differences in the rooming list upload process when using individual pickup? 

There are two main differences: 
  • When using individual pickup, reservations aren’t sent to the PMS until the guest information is uploaded. 
  • When not using individual pickup, all reservations are sent to the PMS at once. Since reservations require a customer, we use the reservation guest as the customer.
    • This is a temporary guest record that is automatically created on the booking (typically at the second stage). When individual pickup is not in place, reservations will not be sent successfully to the PMS unless that guest is populated. 

How can I check if a reservation has been sent to the PMS? 

  • Before reservations are sent to the PMS, the PMS Id and if Mews, the Mews Id fields will be blank. 

How does the process work differently for different PMS integrations? 

  • With our Opera integration, the customer on the reservations always remains as the “Reservation Guest.” After the rooming list upload, the guest records are linked to the reservation as reservation guests only. 
  • With our Mews integration, after the upload, the primary guest of the reservations guests created also replaces the “Reservation Guest” on the reservation as the customer. 

What happens when I click “Generate Rooming List?” 

  • The rooming list is generated based on the reservation records generated on the booking. There is one rooming list record generated per room per adult. 
  • In the case of multiple adults per room, the rooming list records for each adult will share the same “Reservation Id” 

What information do I need to add to the rooming list? 

  • Last name is required. 
  • We also recommend adding either email or phone number. 

Do I need the information for all guests in a room? 

  • When a guest room has multiple adults (double/triple/quad occupancy), only one guest on the reservation is the primary guest. You’ll notice by viewing the Reservation that there is a related list of Reservation Guests. All guests in the room will be shown here.
  • In the case of individual pickup, providing details for just one adult on the reservation will send the reservation to the PMS.  

What happens when I upload a rooming list? 

  • In standard (not individual pickup) bookings, the rooming list is typically uploaded with a complete set of guest information. The reservations already existed in the PMS, but after uploading, the customer field is changed from the “Reservation Guest” and is replaced with a Guest record. The same guest record will be linked to the Rooming List and as the customer on  the Reservation. 
  • In individual pickup, the reservations are sent for the first time to the PMS. The guest on the Rooming List and customer on the Reservation will also match. 

What is the process of matching, creating and updating guests? 

  • If there is an existing Guest record with an exact match first on (First Name + Last Name + Email) and second on (First Name + Last Name + Phone), then the rooming list record and the related reservation will be linked to that guest. 
  • If there is no match in the PMS system for the property assigned to the booking, a new guest record will be created both in Thynk and sent to the PMS. 
  • If the guest is changed via the rooming list, a new guest will be created.

Can I modify reservation dates using the rooming list upload? 

  • Arrival and departure dates can be modified within the dates of the guest room only. 
  • Arrival date must always be before the departure date. 

How will I know if there are errors with my rooming list upload? 

  • Below the Rooming List, you’ll see Rooming List Errors. If, for example, you try to upload a rooming list file with arrival or departure dates outside of the guest room interval, you’ll see an error record. You can use the Rooming List Id to determine which row needs to be updated in the excel upload. 

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