How to Create a New User Login

Salesforce Multi Factor Authentication

As THYNK Admin, you can manage user logins and grant new users access to your properties. You will also deactivate users as they leave.

When Creating New Users

You are probably already set up with Salesforce's Multi-Factor Authentication, but remember that before creating a new user, you must follow the steps for MFA.

There is a very thorough article here if you would like further information on Salesforce MFA

Most organisations prefer the method of downloading the MFA app instead of the dongle.  As you set up your new user, please let your new employee know how they need to do this. 

With the introduction of MFA, anyone who logs into Salesforce has to be set up with a secondary verification method. Thynk recommends using the Salesforce Authenticator.  Any new user who joins the organization and needs to use the Thynk platform should download the app for their smartphone from the respective app store (apple or android).

Apple device: 
Android device:









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