Start to work with Accounts and Contacts

Start to work with Accounts and Contacts

Understand what are the Accounts and Contacts


  1. Know the difference between an account and a contact and be able to define the terms.
  2.  Know how to use: create and edit your accounts and contacts
Develop your customer centric by building customer relationships and collect data to adapt your offer with the customer expectation. 
Through the Thynk environment, gather all the customer useful data by using accounts and contacts. 

What is the difference between ?

  1. The accounts are the companies with whom you are doing business.
  2. The contacts are the person working for the companies, working for accounts. 

 Several people/contacts might be assigned to the same accounts.

If you are doing business with only one person, note that this person will have a person account which is similar to the business account, except that this account does not have its own contacts.

Understand how to work with accounts and contacts

First let’s talk about accounts;

By creating an account to the company, you are dealing with, or any other potential lead, you will be able to gather all the information of the company as for example the key people. It will allow you to remember specific needs and being proactive for your proposal. 

If you want to learn how to create an account, you can look at “How to create a new Account?” article. You can also watch our short video!

When registered, the account will appear as an “Account” Record.

account record

                                                                Here, ic-Demo is one account, a record of the Accounts object, also called a company.

Within this new account record, you will also find a list of records such as:
  1. The people working in the company: the contacts
  2. The current transactions
  3. The specific requests
  4.  Information about the previous proposal
account page

  1. Your account can evolve while the company is evolving. It means you are able to edit and update the account whenever you need.
  2. To update the information, you simply have to click on the little pen , close to the information you want to edit.

If needs an account’s information without having your computer close to you, we invite you to look at the Salesforce Mobile App and search the name of the company in the searching bar.

Note that only administrators can delete accounts. As Salesforce user you can able to create and update accounts, however, you will need the authorization of the administrator to delete one of them.

If you have more questions concerning the Accounts use, feel free to ask in the chatter!

Let's discover deeper how to work with Contacts

With detailed contacts, you will have a strong database. Through Thynk, you are able to gather the data you need to be better efficient in your business.

As for your accounts, you can learn “How to create a New Contact?” toward our short article or video.

When you create a contact, it means that you add a lead or client to your database.

When you create a contact, you must link this one with an existing account, thus we advise you to first create the account. If you forgot to link your contact it with an account, it will be hidden from all users, only administrators and managers could be able to see it.

 When you create a contact, you can decide or not to synchronize it with Mews

You can also fill information such as:

  1. The title: the position of your contact into the company 
  2. Email address
  3. Lead source: from where did you find your contact?
  4.  Phone number
  5. Etc 
contact page

The more information you fill, the more complete will be your contacts database.

Again, you can update your contacts by clicking on the little pen.

 Feel free to ask any question in the chatter if you need some more help.


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