Top Accounts or Top Agencies Report

Top Accounts or Top Agencies Report

Learning Objectives

Here you will learn… 

  1. How to see which are your top accounts or agencies

  2. How to find the dashboard and how to edit it with the various filters

  3. How to understand the information displayed on it.

Dashboard Overview

The Top Account Dashboard shows top accounts, top agencies, and top industries based on room nights or revenue and allows you to compare current year to last year's production.

Dashboard Uses 

  • The Director of Sales, the revenue team and the General Manager can see the trop producing accounts, agencies, and industries in  revenue or room nights. This helps them manage and plan their teams’ sales activities.

  • Sales managers can use the dashboard to see who the top producing companies are so they can recognize them and thank them for their business. 

  • Compare current year to last year production on these top accounts or agencies.

For further specifics on the Top Accounts Report and to further understand the data presented, please refer to the Reporting & Analytics course in Thynk University! 

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