Assigning Parent and Child Function Spaces (Combination Spaces)

Assigning Parent and Child Function Spaces (Combination Spaces)

Learning Objective
At the end of this article you will know…
  1. What are Combination Spaces?
  2. How do these work?
  3. How does this look in the Function Diary?
  4. Steps on how to step up combination spaces

What are Combination Spaces?

When configuring Function Spaces, you have the option to designate Child and Parent Function Spaces, collectively referred to as "Combination Spaces." These additional Child and Parent Function Spaces are linked to a Function Space and are automatically booked whenever the Function Space is booked.

When examining a Function Space, you'll encounter two lists: Child Function Spaces (formerly known as Combination Spaces Is Parent) and Parent Function Spaces (formerly known as Combination Spaces Is Child).

Consider the Function Space named Grand Ballroom, which includes Child Function Spaces Ballroom A, B, and C. In this scenario, the Grand Ballroom acts as the "Parent Function Space" for Ballrooms A, B, and C. Conversely, when viewing Ballroom A, B, or C individually, the Grand Ballroom appears as the Parent Function Space.

What occurs when an event is booked in a Parent Function space (e.g., Grand Ballroom)?

All Child Function Spaces linked to the parent will be automatically reserved for the entire duration of the event to prevent any potential overbooking.

What about when an event is booked in a child function space (e.g., Ballroom B)?

During the event in a child space, the parent space is also booked to ensure no scheduling conflicts. This means that if Ballroom B is reserved for a particular day, the Grand Ballroom will not be available during that time. However, Ballroom A and C will remain available for booking.

Function Diary 
On the Function Diary, see how Spaces can be expanded and collapsed. This is due to the Function Diary Parent Resource assignment.

Steps to assign Child and Parent Function Spaces

  1. Click onto the App Launcher and search 'Function Spaces'
  2. Here you can search and select or even create a new Function Space. Read here how to create Function Spaces.
  3. Click into a Function Space
  4. Here you have the details of that Function Space, you can see on the side the Child Function Space and Parent Function Space lists where as an admin you can assign them accordingly.

  5. Depending on what you want to create click on the arrow on either Child Function Space or Parent Function Space.
  6. Fill in the blank child / parent function space field
  7. Press Save

  8. Function Spaces that are considered 'Child Function Spaces' have an additional step:
    1. Go into the Function Space
    2. In the section 'Function Diary Details' assign the Parent Function Space accordingly. This is to ensure the Hierarchy is visible on the Function Diary.  

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