MYCE Quote Stages (MICE Booking Status)

MYCE Quote Stages (MICE Booking Status)

Every MYCE Quote (MICE booking) progresses through four different stages.

The Four Stages on MYCE Quotes

  1. Qualified
  2. Proposed
  3. Tentative
  4. Closed

Definitions of Stages

  1. Qualified -  you have a received a lead for a group booking (or MYCE Quote) from a client, and you are waiting to hear from the client if they would like a proposal 
  2. Proposed - The client has asked for a proposal and you are waiting for an update from them
  3. Tentative - The client has asked for a contract. At this stage, you are holding the space (rooms and function rooms/'resources') until a decision has been made. 
  4. Closed - this stage has four choices for you to select when marking a quote 'closed'
    1. 'Confirmed': the customer signed your contract and the booking is now considered 'definite'
    2. 'Refused': the customer chose not to accept the proposal 
    3. 'Lost':  the hotel cannot accommodate the group and the business is 'lost'
    4. 'Cancelled': the customer signed the contract, but for some reason cancelled once it was a 'definite' or 'confirmed'. In this case, cancellation fees apply.

How to Change a Stage
  1. On the Home Page, click on the tab 'MYCE Quotes' or search a specific one in the search bar
  2. Select the MYCE quote you need to edit

  3. On top of the booking, you can see you current Tentative stage - see below.     
  4. By clicking on “Mark Stage as Complete”, you will go through the next step.

  5. Scroll down the booking and on the left side, you will see the 'stage' field has been changed to 'Closed'. Click on 'Closed Status' and select one of the 'closed' stages Won, Lost, Cancelled, Refused. 

  6. If the business was lost or refused, you must enter the 'Lost/Refused Remarks'. This is very important so you can analyse the hotel's lost business reasons and where the business is going instead. 
  7. Always 'Save' at the end of entering the relevant information. 

Another way to change the 'Stage' is by scrolling down on the quote/booking, in the section 'Sales Process', click on the Stage field and select the appropriate stage. 

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