MYCE Quote Stages (MICE Booking Status)

Booking Statuses

Learning Objectives

At the end of this lesson you will know …. 

  1. What the standard booking statuses are

  2. How to change the booking status on a booking

Booking Statuses

Every booking goes through the following stages or ‘booking statuses’

  1. Qualified

  2. Proposed

  3. Tentative

  4. Closed

Qualified - You have received a lead for a group booking and you are waiting for the client to decide if they wish to have a proposal.

Proposed - The client has asked for a proposal and you are waiting for an update from them.

Tentative - The client has asked for a contract. At this Tentative status, you are holding the guest rooms and function rooms until a decision has been made. 

Closed - This status has four choices: 

  • Won - the client has signed the contract and booking is ‘Definite’

  • Lost - The hotel cannot accommodate the group and the business is ‘lost’

  • Canceled - the customer signed the contract, but for some reason they canceled it. In this case, cancellation fees may apply based on your T&Cs.

  • Refused - The customer chose not to accept.

How to Change a Status
  1. Open the booking and on the top change to the next status. You cannot skip booking statuses, as each status has implications in the system, regardless if you have a PMS integration or not.

  2. On top of the booking, you can see your current status - here ‘Qualify’. Click on the next status.    

  3. Another place you can change the status is on the left side, scroll down to the ‘Sales Process’ section.

  4. Change the status in the ‘Status’ field. If the business was confirmed, you will change the ‘Close Reason’ to ‘Won’. If lost, you will select the correct status, and enter the 'Lost/Refused Remarks'. This is very important so you can analyse the hotel's lost business reasons and where the business is going instead. 

  5. Always 'Save' at the end of entering the relevant information.

Best Practices

  • Always check your SOPs for any other instructions regarding booking statuses. 

  • It’s important to have the correct lost business reasons in the system. Only your Thynk admin can adjust them so please check with them if you need to add something to the lost business reasons drop down list. 


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