Thanks to the Kanban view, discover a visual summary for a selection of records.It will help you to work efficiently and keep your deals moving forward.

What is a Kanban?

A Kanban is a visual system managing your work in the course, gathering your workflow processes and the resulting work. You will get a dynamic real time overview of your work to adapt yourself in accordance, be more efficient and profitable. 

How to make a Kanban?

First create a list view, you can refer you to the “List view” article.

  1. Click on the settings 
  2. Select “New” Printscreen create kanban
    1. When your list view is created, you can start to make a Kanban view:

  3. Click on the tab button  
  4. Select “Kanban”
  5. Then you will directly arrive on the Kanban Settings printscreen kanban settings1printscreen kanban settings2
  6. Select how you want to summarize by       printscreen kanban summarize-by
  7. Select filter you want to group by               printscreen kanban group-by
    1. Hereunder, the Kanban has been summarized by the annual revenue (a) and grouped by the account owner (b)printscreen kanban example
  8. You can edit your Kanban by adding filters
  9. Or edit by going to the settings 
    1. There,
  10. you may be able to edit the list filters
  11. Select the fields to display 
  12. Delete it 
  13. Edit the Kanban settings (summarize by & group by)
  14. Only 3 filters will be displayed, to see more click on  

printscreen kanban filters

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