What are the records?

What is a Record ?

As Salesforce’s user, you may be able to create and edit your records. 

  • Each section within the objects will be called a record. 
  • If you want to add a new company, in the “Account” object, you will get a new account record.


  1. Create a new record
  2. To edit an existing record, click on this specific recordcreate new record
    1. When you have clicked on this specific record, you will see the screen hereundercreate new record2
  3. On top, you will see the main information of your record
    1. Here we selected the Jiya Saud Company, which is one record of the Accounts object
    2. To edit the company’s information, you have two ways:
  4.  Click on the edit button next to the information you want to fill/ edit
  5. Click on “Edit” on the top hand right side of the screen

Don't forget to save your changes before leaving the page!

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