Where to Track Agency Specific Account Information

Where to Track Agency Specific Account Information

Learning Objectives

This article will show you …. 

  1. Where you can track agency specific information on your accounts

  2. Where to enter agency commissions 

Entering Agency Specific Information 

As you work with accounts in Thynk you already know that accounts can be set up as a ‘company’ or as an ‘agency’. 

Agencies are companies that typically book on other people’s or company’s behalf, and it’s important to track them as agencies.  Furthermore, there are many different types of agencies, e.g. retail agencies, wholesale agencies, OTAs etc.  

To enter agency specific information on an account, follow these steps: 

  1. Find the account you wish to edit, and open it.

  2. On the Account screen, click on the pencil icon or the ‘Edit’ button.

  3. Now, click into the ‘Type’ field and select ‘Agency’ from the drop down list.

  4. Note that, when you select ‘Agency’ as account ‘type’, the list in the field ‘SubType’ is different than if you had selected ‘Company’.  In this case, because you have selected ‘Agency’ as account ‘type’, you will see agency specific ‘Subtypes’ such as DMC, OTA, retail agency, wholesaler, etc.

  5. If you don’t see what you are looking for in the ‘subtype’ field, please contact your director or your Thynk admin, as they have the system permission to edit this list.

  6. Scroll down to the ‘Commissions’ and you will see several fields related to commissions. This section is not mandatory but if you do know the agency’s commission structure, enter in the agency’s commission percentages in the relevant field. If you enter the commissions here, and if your system is configured this way, commissions can be pulled into bookings, and documents and click on ‘Save’.

Best Practices for Entering Agency Information on an Account

  • In Thynk, the Account ‘subtype’ field can be dependent on the Account ‘type’. If you wish to edit the drop down list of agency subtypes, please contact your admin, or director, as they have the permissions to make changes.

  • Not all commission fields are mandatory on the account screen. If you know what commissions the agency charges, you should enter them here.  You can then have this commission pull into documents and reports. 

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