Account Listing Report

Account Listing Report

Learning Objectives

At the end of this lesson you will know how to…. 

  1. Run the Account Listing Report

  2. Edit the report as needed

Account Listing Report

The Account Listing Report shows a list of accounts to see the current worth of each account so account owners know where to focus their prospecting efforts

To run the report, follow these steps: 

  1. At the Home Page, click on the ‘Reports’ tab, ‘All Folders’ on the left side, and click on ‘Thynk Reports’. Once you have run this report once, you can skip the ‘All Folders’ step, as it will show under the Reports tab.

  2.  Click on the ‘Account Listing’ report to open it. 

  3. You will see 'grand total' revenues.  If you wish to see revenues from the individual bookings for those accounts, you can toggle the switch ‘Subtotals’ on the bottom of the report.  

  4. When you open the report, it will run based on the filters the report was created.  

  5. As in any other report to view the filters of this report, click on the arrow down next to the ‘Edit’ button and a new pane opens on the left. You can also just click on the filter icon on the top right of the report. 

  1. If you are going to make changes, make sure to use the ‘Save as’ to save it as a new report to keep the original report unchanged.  

  2. In this report, the filters are as follows:  ‘My Accounts’, Created Date = All Time, ‘My Bookings’ and Created Date = All Time.

  1. And as, in other reports, you can add columns or make changes to the report. As you know, there is a lesson on how to edit reports and dashboards in Thynk University. Link below. 

  2.  Lastly, to view the specific bookings, click into the account.

Information Displayed on the Report 

The following information is displayed on the report: 

  1. On the left you see the account information: account name, email, main phone number, followed by the account owner, billing city and billing country.

  1. On the right you see booking information. Total revenue including taxes = guest room revenue including taxes + event revenue including taxes. 

  1. Because I have selected the ‘detail rows’ to show, the subtotals show the revenue for each of the account’s bookings. To view the bookings, you can click into the account name and go from there. 

  1. If you deselected the ‘detail rows’, you will see just grand total revenues for each account.


  1. How to edit reports - lesson in Thynk University 

  2. How to edit reports & dashboards - Knowledge Base article 


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