How to Delete/Deactivate Accounts

How to Delete/Deactivate Accounts

Learning Objectives

This article will show you…

  1. How to handle an account that no longer has potential for your hotel

  2. Why you can’t and shouldn’t delete accounts

‘Deleting’ Accounts

When would you delete an account? 

It’s usually when you are cleaning up a set of accounts inherited from the previous sales manager, or as part of a prospecting exercise, or if all of a sudden, due to the business climate, the account no longer has potential to book. 

We advise not to ever delete accounts because they can contain too much valuable history in the form of bookings, reservations, guests, and activities.  Instead of ‘deleting’ accounts, you will be ‘deactivating’ them, which keeps its history intact. This process also allows you to ‘activate’ them again in the future, if the account status changes, again, while maintaining all the history. 

Deactivating an Account

Please follow these steps to deactivate an account:

  1. Using the search bar, search your account and open it.

  2. Click on the pencil button (or ‘Edit’ button on the top right), and in the ‘Status’ field, choose one of the reasons for deactivating in the drop down list. 

  3. Finally click on ‘Save’.

  4. In the future, if you need to activate it again, you can follow the same instructions and change it from ‘inactive’ to ‘active’.


Best Practices for Deactivating Accounts 

  • If an account no longer has potential for your hotel, you will deactivate it INSTEAD of deleting it. When you deactivate it, choose the correct reason from the drop down menu in the ‘status’ field, and type in any additional comments into the Accounts ‘Comments’ field.

  • The main reason not to delete an account is to keep its history. 


  1. How to create a new account?

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