How to Contact Thynk Support

How to Contact Thynk Support

Learning Objectives

At the end of this lesson you will know…. 

  1. What options exist to get help Support

  2. What information you need to gather from your users before contacting Thynk Support

  3. How to contact the Thynk Support team and what information needs to be sent to them

Contacting Thynk Support

The Thynk Admins are the main contact for Thynk users when they need help. The Thynk Admin is also the main link to the Support team at Thynk.  

There are a few places you can go for Support. 

Salesforce Help

One of the many benefits of using Thynk, is that you have access to many support options. As Thynk is based on Salesforce, you can take advantage of Salesforce Support articles by simply searching on your chosen search engine.  

However, even though your Thynk solution is based on Salesforce, it has been created specifically for the hospitality industry so you should use Salesforce help only generically, and then turn to Thynk Support and help. More on this below. 

Thynk Knowledge Base

You can turn to the Knowledge Base help articles on our website if needed.  Go to and click on ‘Resources’, and then to ‘Help Center’.

Or you can go direct by clicking on this link:

Thynk University

For onboarding new employees, Thynk University is a great tool. If you are finding that your users are asking for ‘how to’ questions, the lessons here may be useful to them, as they also have videos.  For more information go to

To Contact Thynk Support by Email 

There will be times when you are not able to answer questions, or users are experiencing errors that you cannot resolve,  and need to contact support. Before you contact Thynk, you should get as much information as possible. See below for the list of what to ask your users.

  1. Write an email to  Be as specific as you can be, as it will really help us troubleshoot.  

  2. Include the following information: 

    1. In the Subject:  a short description of the problem 

    2. In the body: be more specific about what the problem is 

    3. A URL link of where the error or problem is occurring

    4. Names of the users who are having issues - this helps us check permissions and other configurations

    5. Any other information and screenshots

Best Practices for Contacting Thynk Support

  • If you cannot answer your colleagues' questions or resolve their problems, get as much information as possible from them before contacting Thynk Support.

  • The more thorough and complete your information, the quicker the turnaround with responses and solutions. 

  • Remember, that the Thynk Admin should be the main and only contact for the hotel to reach out to Thynk Support. 


  1. How to Contact Support - Knowledge Base article

  2. How to Create your Account in Thynk University - Knowledge Base article

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