How to Delete a Product

How to Delete a Product

Learning Objectives

At the end of this lesson you will learn…  

  1. How to delete a product

  2. When not to delete a product!

Only Admins can deactivate or delete a product in Thynk
Note - if a Product has been added to a Booking, Package or Combo Product, you will no longer be able to delete the Product 

Deactivating vs Deleting a Product

Your Director of Catering has asked you to delete a product in Thynk. 

If a product has been used by a booking, it should never be deleted but should, instead, be deactivated. 

To delete or deactivate a product, follow these steps: 

  1. At your Home page,  go to the ‘Products’ tab.  If you don’t have this, go to the App Launcher and search for Products and click on it. 

  1. This opens the ‘Recently Viewed’ Products screen. Click on ‘All Products’ to find them all.

  1. Find the product you wish to delete and click on it. 

  2.  Now, check the ‘Related’ tab to see if this product has been used. You know it’s been used if the headings on this page have a number in parentheses. 

For example, in this screenshot, you see ‘Combo Products’ (1) - this means, this product has been used in one combo product.  Packages’ shows (2) in parentheses - this product has been used in two packages which are listed below.  If there are numbers in these parentheses, you should not delete this product.  Only ‘deactivate’ it. 

  1. To deactivate it, click on the ‘Details’ tab.  

  1. Scroll down to the box to the section ‘Product Info’ and go to the checkbox ‘is active’ and click on the pencil to edit it. Click into the box to uncheck the checkbox ‘Is active’.  This will deactivate the product. Click on ‘Save’.

  1. If your product is not used anywhere, you can go ahead and delete it instead. But remember to have checked the ‘Related’ tab - see if this product has been used. If you see the sections with a zero in parentheses, you know the product hasn’t been used, and is safe to delete. 

  1. To delete it, go to the top right and click on the ‘Delete’ button. You will see a message asking you if you are sure you wish to delete. Click on ‘Delete’.

Best Practices for Deactivating and Deleting Products

  • It is really important that you do not delete a product that has already been used in a booking. If you delete it inadvertently, it will remove that product from the booking and you will get an error in the booking itself. 


  1. How to add products to a booking -  Knowledge Base article 


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