How to Edit a Booking

How to Edit a Booking

Learning Objectives

  1. How to edit an existing booking

  2. How to change dates on a booking

  3. What happens when you change the number of guests on a booking

  4. The importance of keeping bookings up to date

What can you Edit on a Booking?

As you know a booking consists of many different components, details such as dates, billing information, account and agency, contacts, but also room types, products, menus, packages. These are all things you can edit on an existing booking.

There are two sides on the booking page, for you to edit information. The left side shows you the booking’s ‘Details’, the right side in the ‘Related’ tab shows you all the other information related to the booking.  

Editing an Existing Booking

You have already blocked guest roons for your customer, but they call you today to make a few changes.  You know where the various parts of a booking are on the booking screen, but you should know that there are two different methods to edit the booking:  by using the ‘Edit’ button or clicking on the ‘pencil’ icon.  This editing method works for other areas of Thynk, such as accounts, contacts, events etc.

To edit a booking using the ‘Edit’ button, follow these very simple steps:

  1. First locate the booking by using the search bar on top of the home screen, or by going to the ‘Bookings’ Tab and searching there. 

  2. Click on the booking you wish to edit to open it.

  3. Click on the ‘Edit’ button on the top right of the Booking screen.

  4. This allows you to edit any fields that are editable in the booking 

  5. Make any modifications and click on ‘Save’, or ‘Cancel’ if you change your mind

To edit a booking using the ‘pencil’ icon: 

  1. Locate the booking by using the search bar or finding it in the ‘bookings’ tab

  2. Click on the booking to open it

  3. On the left, you will see the booking fields. Click on any of the ‘pencil’ icons

  4. This allows you to edit fields

  5. Finally ‘Save’

Changing the Arrival/Departure Dates

If your customer wants to change the booking dates by several weeks or a month, it’s important that you do it in the right place, using the ‘Change Dates’ button.

Note: This is very important as all rooms, products, events etc will also change to the new dates.  

To change dates, follow these steps: 
  1. Locate the booking and open it.

  2. Click on the ‘Change Dates’ button on the top right.

  1. A new window opens asking you to enter the new arrival date, and click on ‘Next’.

  1. Another window opens to confirm the date change.  Click on ‘Next’.

Editing the Number of Guests

What happens when you edit the number of guests?

  • All packages, products or events on the booking that had an equal amount of guests to the booking's previous amount will be updated.  Example: you had 10 guests originally, and you changed it to 20. You will then have 20 packages, 20 products etc.

  • However, know that there are a number of validation rules in place.  For instance, if you change guests on the booking to an odd number of guests, and this booking has a package with double or triple occupancy, you will get an error message. Example: if you have a package with double occupancy, the number of guests will always have to be an even number. You couldn’t change it from 10 guests to 15 because double occupancy is based on 2 people sharing a room. 

  • If changing the number of guests on a booking results in exceeding capacity limits on the function space, this will also be prevented.

Follow these steps to edit the number of guests: 

  1. Locate the booking and open it.

  2. Go to the ‘Guests’ field and click on the pencil button.

  1. Enter the new number of guests, and click on ‘Save’

Best Practices for Editing a Booking

  • It is crucial to keep your bookings updated because they form the basis of all reports, proposals, contracts, history and all operational details.

  • As soon as your customer calls you with changes to an existing booking, it’s a good idea to make the updates in Thynk ASAP instead of writing the changes down somewhere else and going back to it.

  • If your hotel has a PMS interface, again, bookings need to be up to date in Thynk, the latest changes are sent to reservations. 

  • If the booking dates have changed by several weeks or months, you must use the ‘Change Dates’ button. Caution: However, please do check your SOPs, as in some cases, your SOPs may dictate that you have to cancel a booking and create new one. 

  • When you change the number of guests, remember there are validation rules in place explained in this lesson.


  1. The flow of creating a new booking - Knowledge Base article 


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