How to Set Up Booking Commissions as a Property Default

How to Set Up Booking Commissions as a Property Default

Learning Objectives

At the end of this lesson you will know ….

  1. How commission are handled in Thynk 

  2. Who configures commissions

  3. How to set up commission for Properties

About Commissions

Commission is a percentage of a transaction's value paid to someone who is booking it. 

In Thynk we have the following types of commissions: Food, Beverage, Guest Rooms, Activities, Equipment, Events, Packages and Other. 

  1. When a booking is made, and if the commissions are set up in the account, Thynk will carry those over to the booking. 

  2. If there is nothing set up on the account, the system will take the default commission values set up for the property. These are the ones you will set up using instructions below.

  3. If these default values are also blank, and the property is enabled for commissions, the user is prompted to manually input the commission percentage for that booking.

It's important to note that even if values are automatically pulled from the account or property, users retain the flexibility to manually adjust them as needed.

If your property is using Commissions, if a booking is at its first stage of the booking cycle (a qualify/prospect/lead status), commissions will not be applied. This booking status would have been configured by the Project Manager during your initial setup of Thynk. Once the booking progresses to Tentative or a more confirmed status commissions will be generated into the booking. 

Who sets up Commissions? 

  • The Project Manager will have enabled commissions in Setup if the property wants to use commissions. 

  • The Sales Team can manage commissions on their own accounts themselves.

  • The Thynk (property or corporate) admin will manage commission property wide - so if commissions are used consistently for all accounts across the board. 

Setting up Commissions for Properties

Commissions are set up by property.  Your Thynk project manager would have enabled tracking commissions in Setup during the initial system configuration.

You as Thynk Admin, will manage these commission percentages for each property.  When you add commission in the properties these will be applied to all bookings.  The sales team can edit those commissions on the bookings if needed. 

To add property-wide commissions, follow these steps: 

  1. In your org, go to the App Launcher and search for Properties.  Click on it. 

  1. Work your way down the property list, starting from the first property. Click on it to open it and scroll down to the Commission section.  Here click on the pencil to edit and set up your commission percentages and Save when done. 


  1. How do I set up commissions for a specific account? - Knowledge base article

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