PMS Account Overview

PMS Account Overview


Thynk centralizes POS and PMS data to offer a holistic view of every corporate account and direct contact, however, duplicate accounts and contacts, and ‘dirty data’ are often the unfortunate reality of any PMS or POS. Thynk offers a solution that enables you to maintain this central view without ‘polluting’ your data in Thynk and without unnecessary duplication. 

How accounts flow from your PMS to Thynk

Every single account in your PMS will be added to Thynk as a “PMS Account.'' Then, those PMS Accounts are mapped to existing Accounts in Thynk (1:Many). This enables you to consolidate duplicate accounts in your PMS under a single Account in Thynk (see diagram below). 

To find the records in Thynk, you can find the PMS Account tab in the app launcher or you can find PMS Accounts via the Account related tab.

1. Click on Related
Click on Related
2. Click on PMS Accounts
Click on PMS Accounts
3. Click on View All…
4. Click on a PMS Account to see more detail
Click on a PMS Account to see more detail
5. See that Account on the PMS Account links back to the Account.
See that Account on the PMS Account links bath to the Account.

PMS Accounts are automatically created in Thynk for every unique account in your PMS in a batch process, but are only linked to Accounts in Thynk if there is a match (more about this below). You can work with your project manager to determine how frequently this batch should run to ensure that Thynk is updated at a regular enough frequency for your business needs. 

By default, the batch only includes accounts in the PMS that have been created or modified since the date of the last batch. This ensures that the batch job is not updating too many records and prevents timeouts. There are, however, times where you may need to update more PMS accounts than this, which can be done by a one-time mass update or by changing the batch execution date in Thynk. Your project manager can assist with both options.

How PMS Accounts are linked to Accounts in Thynk
During your initial Thynk onboarding, your project manager will help you determine what criteria you would like to use to match accounts in your PMS to Accounts in Thynk. The matching criteria can reference up to two fields from PMS Account to Account Mapping. Read more about the mapping here.

When the batch process runs, if any PMS Accounts match Accounts in Thynk based on the first matching field, the PMS Accounts will be automatically linked to the respective matched Accounts. If an account in the PMS matches both of the matching fields, and the Account has "Update Fields" set to the true, then not only will the PMS account be linked, fields from the PMS will also be used to update the Account.

If there are no matching accounts, the PMS Account will be created in Thynk without a lookup to an Account. Your team then has two options: 

Link the PMS Account manually to an existing account by searching existing accounts in the “Account” field
1. Click on Edit Account
Click on Edit Account
2. Type "lvmh"
3. Find the Account
Click on option

Check the “Create Account” box on the PMS Account to instantly create a new Account in Thynk with all data from the PMS Account mapped and the “Account” field on PMS Account filled out
1. Check Create Account and Save to create a new account from the PMS Account
Check Create Account

What it means to link a PMS Account to an Account in Thynk 

While Accounts can have many PMS Accounts, only one PMS Account can be primary. Accounts are marked as primary when: 
  1. An account from your PMS is matched to a Thynk Account for the first time 
  2. You create a Thynk Account by checking the check box ‘Create Account’ on the PMS Account 
  3. You manually check ‘Primary Account’ on a PMS Account 

Beyond the visual relationship of linking duplicate Accounts in your PMS to a single central Account in Thynk, the relationship has a few key results:
  • If desired, you can check the “Update Fields”box  on the Account, which will pull any data currently missing on the Thynk Account from your primary PMS Account 
  • When creating reservations, the primary PMS Account is used to ensure the reservations are sent to the correct Account in your PMS 

What happens when there is a Thynk Account with no PMS Accounts 

During the reservation process, when you reach the stage of sending reservations to your PMS, if the Account on your booking does not have a PMS Account, Thynk will automatically create one and mark it as primary to ensure that the reservation is associated with the correct account in your PMS 

How to unlink  a PMS Account from an Account 
If you notice a PMS Account matched incorrectly to an Account, you can unlink the two by simply deleting  whatever Account is in the Account field on PMS Account and uncheck “Sync Account'' on the PMS Account to ensure that the matching process does not take place on the next batch. If you remove the lookup only, on the next batch, it will be populated again as the Sync Account field includes the record in the matching process. 

A PMS Account with “Sync Account” unchecked will be excluded from the matching process and the only way to connect the record to an Account will be to manually search for Account in the lookup. 

1. Click on Edit Account on the PMS Account
Click on Edit Account on the PMS Account
2. Click on Clear Selection on the Account Field
Click on Clear Selection on the Account Field
3. Leaving Account blank, Uncheck Sync Account
Leaving Account blank, Uncheck Sync Account
4. Click on Save
Click on Save

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