How to see total production figures for an account or agency

How to see total production figures for an account or agency

Learning Objectives

At the end of this lesson you will know how to…. 

  1. How to find production figures for your account or agency

Viewing the Account Production 

  • What’s my account or agency worth? 

  • How much business have they given me to date? 

  • What’s the business segment mix for this one account or agency? 

These are obvious questions that need to be answered quickly without running special reports.  

We have created an amazing dashboard called the Account Production Dashboard (links to our Knowledge Base help article on this dashboard is below), and we pull this dashboard into the specific account, or agency, so you can view the production easily on the account level. 

If you have a PMS integration the data is coming from the PMS and it includes non-group production (FIT) to show you a total worth of your account.  If you don’t have a PMS integration, you are seeing the information from Thynk bookings. 

To view the production of a specific account or agency  in a nice visual way, follow these steps: 

  1. At the Home Page, find the account or agency you are looking for.  You can do this in the Global search field on the top of the home page.

  1. Click on the account to open it, and then click on the ‘Production’ tab.

  1. This opens a wealth of information about this account! If you don’t see the production dashboard here please contact your Thynk Admin, who can connect with Thynk Support on enabling this. 

  1. You can change the filters, but this default view shows you total production for all hotels, for consumption year to date (you can change this), all business segments. 

  2. You will see production by room nights, revenue and ADR by month.

  3. Scroll down to see on which day of the week the revenue is falling.

  1. Scroll down further to see the business segment mix. Place your cursor on any month and you get further information. 

  1. If you click on the month, the ‘revenue by weekday’ adjusts to show you for the month of April (in this screenshot example), on what day of the week, the business was consumed. 

  1. On the right, you see the account spend. In the screenshot of an example below, you can see the revenue is broken down by by F&B, Guest Rooms and Miscellaneous and represented by the different colors.  

  1. To go back to your original view to see total production, not just the month, you can click on the month again, or click on the ‘return to initial view’ button on the top of the report. 

Best Practices
  • This dashboard is set up with predefined filters which you can change. Currently this dashboard shows business consumed YTD with arrivals including next year. If you want to run a report to show all future arrivals, you can change the date filter. 

  • Whether you are looking for an account or agency, it doesn’t matter. It’s the same process. 


  1. Account Production Dashboard - Knowledge base article 

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