Tracking Specific Booking Event Instructions

Tracking Specific Booking Event Instructions

Learning Objectives
At the end of this article you will….
  1. Learn that there could be different places to save specific servicing/operational instructions in Thynk
  2. Where to store specific instructions about an event in Thynk
  3. How to add / edit notes for all BEO days
  4. How to add / edit notes for specific BEO days

Entering Specific Instructions

There are potentially so many different instructions your customer may be giving you when booking their event with you. They could be:
  1. They need an accessible ramp up to the stage for a prize giving
  2. They need specific flower arrangements so you need to coordinate the arrival of the florist
  3. During the event, a guest could have had a fall and you want to make sure this is recorded somewhere
  4. Guests could have allergies related to either pillows etc, or food allergies
  5. Tracking a specific arrival time for a VIP guest

There are a few places you can record these sorts of instructions depending on the nature of an the importance of the instructions:
  1. Booking Notes - if it’s more of a general request that applies to the entire booking, or
  2. In the BEO itself , as some of these instructions would be more appropriate on a BEO, and it makes it easier for the operational teams while the group is in house. In some cases requests could be for a specific day, so this would be a BEO Note on that day. How important is the request? Obvious examples would be instructions about: equipment being delivered, florist, food related allergies.
  3. In another lesson, we have also suggested updating the Product you would have added if the customer has a preference on the brand of mineral water, for example.

In the example of a guest taking a fall during the event, your SOPs will most probably guide you to file a security report. Please do follow your property’s instructions as normal. If you wanted to add this as a side note, and if it’s detrimental to managing this clients’ future bookings you could add it to the booking ‘Notes’ section or on the ‘Account’ notes section.

Here are the various places you can add your instructions in Thynk:

  1. In all cases, find the booking first and open it.
  2. Next, on the right of the booking, click on the ‘Notes’ tab.
  3. In the Notes section, you should see some boxes to enter your notes. If it’s a fairly generic set of instructions you can add them here in the respective box. Your 'Notes' could look different than mine in this example because during your Thynk setup, your leadership would have customized these notes boxes. Use the pencil to edit. Any specific guest room related instructions would be good to add here into the ‘Accommodation Notes’ for instance.
Notes in this general Notes section in the below screenshot will appear on ALL BEO days.

4. However if the instructions need to go on a BEO for a specific day, for example: what time the rented equipment is being delivered, what time the florist needs access to the function room, you can record these into the ‘BEO Daily Notes’ section.

5. Click on the day the BEO Note should appear and you can edit the instructions on that day, by clicking onto the pencil icon in the corresponding note box.

6. Lastly ‘Save’. This will show your comment only on the specific day.

Best Practices

  1. It’s important to be consistent about where these instructions are being saved, and much of it would have been decided by your leadership. Check with them, or your SOPs, if this is defined there.
  2. The end goal is to make it easy for the operational teams to find the information they need to service the booking best.


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