Account/Agency Production Dashboard

Account/Agency Production Dashboard

Dashboard Overview

The Account or Agency Production dashboard shows actual production for a specific account/agency or across all of your accounts/agencies for one, select, or all properties.  The dashboard shows you in a visual form, statistics in room nights, revenue, and ADR.    

Dashboard Uses 

  • To understand total production for specific accounts or agencies

  • To compare production against negotiated rate contracts prior to renegotiation going into the next contractual period with your customers.

  • To understand who your top accounts and top agencies are for all properties or specific property.

How to See the Account/Agency Production Dashboard

What’s my account or agency worth? How much business have they given me to date? 

Both are obvious questions that need to be answered quickly without running special reports.  We have created a dashboard that shows you this information in room nights, revenue and ADR. 

To view the production dashboard, follow these steps: 

  1. At the Home Page, click on the ‘Thynk Dashboards' tab. If you don’t see this tab, click on the ‘Applications’ (the 9 dots on the top left) and search for Thynk Dashboards. Click on it to create and save a ‘Thynk Dashboards’  tab for ease.

  2. Once in the Thynk Dashboard, click on the Account Production to run it.

  3. The filters are already set up. By default you will see Consumption Date YTD plus one year in the future, all properties, and all accounts. You can change any of these filters. If you wish to see production of just one specific account, you can click on the down arrow on the ‘Account Name’ button and search for your account there.

  1. By default, the dashboard shows you production of all accounts and agencies, but you can select a view of either accounts, or agencies.  

  1. If you select a view by ‘Agent’, click on the ‘Breakdown by Agent’ button. This will show production details on agencies on the right side of the dashboard. And here you can click into the agency for further details. The other overall figures will still show as totals. 

  1. You can also change the view to month, or YTD. The default shows production by month. 

  1. You can download an image of this dashboard, by clicking on the ‘Share’ icon on top right, and click on the ‘Download’ tab, and ‘Download as Image’. 

  1. To view notifications click on the notification (bell) icon.

  2. To set up notifications (maybe you want to know when a certain account reaches a certain level of revenue booked), there is a great ‘how to’ video if you click on the notification/bell icon.

  3. You can view the specific bookings. Scroll down to the bottom of the dashboard and click on ‘Click to show Details Page’.

  1. You can sort any of these columns by clicking onto the header. For example, click on ‘Account Name’ to see it ascending or descending.

  1. Important:  If you are looking around in the report and changing filters, or clicking into the graphs for further detail, the top of the report will show that the parameters have been modified. The word ‘Modified’ will appear automatically on the top.  You can save the new view based on your changes by clicking on the down arrow next to ‘Modified’, and on ‘Save View’. This way you won’t have to reselect the changes again the next time you run it. 

  1. Click on the refresh icon ‘Return to Initial View’ to go back to the original dashboard. 


  1. Set and send smart notifications  - Salesforce help article

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