Overview of Standard Reports & Dashboards

Overview of Standard Reports & Dashboards

What is a report vs a dashboard?

Reports and dashboards use data stored in Thynk. This is is why it's important that you have clean data.

Most everyone now is familiar with what a report is. It's a document that allows you to analyze data stored in a database.  It shows data based on your criteria of information you would like to see.  Dashboards are a visual representation of the respective reports behind them. They usually contain, graphs, charts and tables which make analysing the data much easier than looking through detailed reports. 

Who can create reports and dashboards? 

In Thynk, anyone can create reports and dashboards, however, if they are complicated and require a lot of formatting, it is advised to reach out to your Thynk Admin who may be better trained to create them. 

What is considered a 'standard' reports? 

Standard reports/dashboards are those that come standard with Thynk.Cloud.  They have already been developed for you to use without having to start creating one from scratch.  These are standard reports typically used in the hospitality industry and those that you are most probably already familiar with.  If absolutely needed, you can edit the reports and dashboards for your own liking.  For instructions on how to do this, refer to How to Edit Reports and Dashboards

Custom reports are reports that you would create yourself, or pay to have developed. This can be a time consuming and expensive exercise.  Your admin can of course create reports for you, as they may already be well trained on how to create reports. They can also refer to How to Create a Report, and they can find Salesforce lessons online. 

Thynk.Cloud standard reports & dashboards

Thynk.Cloud comes with a set of Standard set of reports and dashboards.  Each one of these listed, has a Knowledge Base article that gives an overview of the report, and instructions on how to run it, and how to read it. As we develop more standard reports, we will keep updating this article. We will also be updating the lessons in Thynk University. 

Standard Reports

The following are standard reports in Thynk. Please click on the report name to open the respective Knowledge Base article on how to run the report and how to read it. 

  1. Account Listing
  2. Activity Report
  3. Contact Listing
  4. Event Forecast
  5. Event Listing
  6. Groups In House
  7. Kitchen Report
  8. Open Inquiries 
  9. Monthly Revenue and Guest Room Summary

Standard Dashboards 

The following are standard dashboards in Thynk. Please click on the dashboard name to open the respective Knowledge Base article on how to view the dashboard and how to understand the data displayed. 
  1. Account/Agency Production
  2. Booking Pace
  3. Guest Room Control Log (GRC)
  4. Sales Manager Productivity
  5. Daily Transactions 

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