BEO History Report

BEO History Report

Learning Objectives

In this lesson you will learn: 

  1. What the BEO History Report is used for

  2. How to run it and share it with your kitchen team

Report Overview

The BEO History Report report shows updates to distributed BEOs/function sheets, so changes can be communicated to the operations staff.

This report tracks details of what has changed and who made the change within the specified date range when the report is run.

Report Uses 

  • This report allows you to distribute/share with the chef/kitchen staff and any other operation staff that needs to be notified of last minute changes.

How to Run the Report

To run the report, follow these steps: 

  1. At the Home Page, click on the ‘Reports’ tab, click on ‘All Folders’ on the left side, and click on ‘Thynk Reports’, or type ‘BEO History’ into the search box. 

  1. The standard report will run automatically based on the predefined filters, which users can change. This is what you will see when you click on the filter icon on the right.


  • Event Start Date Begin/Event Start Date End:  Booking events whose start date falls within the selected date range

  •  Update Start Date/End Date: the dates of the updates made

  1. You can edit the report as always. For how to update reports you can refer to various lessons and Knowledge Base articles listed below. 

  2. When you’re done running this report, you can download it by clicking on the down arrow on the right of the ‘Edit’ button. 

  1. Click on ‘Export’. In the next window, the export view and file format (Excel) will already be selected . Click on ‘Export’, and this will export the Excel file to your downloads folder, so you can attach it to an email for distribution. 

It's highly recommended that you use a formatted report to have all the information stored when exporting the report.

  1. Another useful feature is ‘subscribing’ to reports. If you want the report to run and be sent automatically to the kitchen team, it can be done by clicking on the same down arrow on the right of the ‘Edit’ button and click on ‘Subscribe’.  Follow the instructions there.

Information Displayed on the Report 


  1. On the top, you will see the report title. 

  2. Under the report title, the information appears grouped by day and then by booking event. 

  3. Property Name - Shows the property name (this will show the properties you have access to)

  4. Booking Name - The name of the Booking the change was made to

  5. Booking Event Start Date/Time - Date and time of the event

  6. Booking Event Name - Name of the event

  7. Product Start date/time- The start date and time of the product on this event

  8. Product Name - Name of the product

  9. Edited by - Shows the person who edited the information here

  10. Edit Date - Date the edit was made

  11. Operation - This shows if the change was newly created, or updated

  12. Field Label - The field that was either created new or updated

  13. Old Value - The content of that field before the change was made

  14. New Value - The new content of that field after the change was made.


  1. Overview of Standard Reports & Dashboards - Knowledge Base article

  2. How to Edit Reports and Dashboards - Knowledge Base article

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