Unlinked PMS Accounts with Revenue Report

Unlinked PMS Accounts with Revenue Report

Report Overview

If your Thynk is connected to your PMS, PMS Accounts allow customers to better manage duplicate accounts created in their PMS and create a centralized view in Thynk. Discover what are PMS Accounts and how they are mapped to accounts .

The 'Unlinked PMS Accounts with Revenue' Report shows you PMS Accounts that do not connect to a Thynk account but have revenue. It’s critical for reporting purposes that these be manually linked. 

Report Uses 

This report is a very useful report to capture revenue tracked in the PMS for accounts that are rightfully in Thynk.  It’s important that these PMS accounts with revenue are connected to their respective Thynk account to show you as much revenue information as possible. 

For the accounts that appear in this report, the admin can look at the mapping, but usually it’s data from the PMS that’s not as complete. 

These accounts with revenue should be linked manually. 

How to Run the Report

To run the report, follow these steps: 

  1. At the Home Page, click on the ‘Reports’ tab, ‘All Folders’ on the left side, and click on ‘Thynk Reports’, 

  2. Or in the ‘Reports’ tab, click on ‘All Reports’ on the left and simply type in ‘PMS accounts’ in the search bar. This finds all reports with PMS accounts in the report name.  Click on the ‘Unlinked PMS Account with Revenue’ to open the report.

  1.  The report runs automatically, so you don’t need to do anything to it, unless you want to change the dates in the filters. The default dates are all time, so you can catch everything that appears here regardless of dates. 

  1. To look up these accounts click on the blue links in the first column ‘PMS Account Name’, which is the account name in your PMS.  And to go back to your report, click on ‘back’ in your browser. 

  2. If your report is showing more detail than this screenshot, you can change the way it looks by deselecting the ‘Detail Rows’ and ‘Subtotals’ toggle switches on the bottom of the report -  just click on the switches.  

  1. To check the filters being used on the standard report, click on the Filter funnel icon on the top right.  This is also where you would change the date, if needed. 

  1. To collapse the filter window, click on the filter funnel icon again.

  2. To do any other edits to reports, you can refer to this Knowledge Base article

Information Displayed on the Report 


The following information appears on your report: 

  1. PMS Account name - the account name of the account in your PMS

  2. Date - This is the date of the guests’ stay

  3. The next three sections have the same columns. The ‘PMS Account Company’ represents all accounts that are NOT agencies.  The ‘PMS Account Agent’ are those accounts marked as agencies, and the ‘PMS Account Groups’ are accounts marked as a group segment.  This latter may not apply to you, depending on how your system is set up. 

  4. Sum of Total revenue (converted) = total revenue of all reservations on that date for this PMS account

  5. Record Count = Number of reservations on that date for this PMS account. 


  1. How to Edit Reports & Dashboards - Knowledge Base article

  2. PMS Account Overview - Knowledge Base article

  3. PMS Account Mapping - Knowledge Base article

  4. Linked PMS Accounts Report - Knowledge Base article 

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