Lost Business Report

Lost Business Report

Learning Objectives

In this lesson, you will learn...

1. How to file a report for a booking that has been lost, cancelled, or turned down.
2. How to run Lost Business Reports.
3. How to view information displayed on the report.

Report Overview

The Lost Business report provides a summary of bookings that have been lost, canceled, or turned down. 

Report Uses 

The sales team can use the report … 

  • To evaluate the reason why the business was lost.

  • To leverage this data to direct investments to prevent future lost business.

    • For example, if you can show the owners that you lose $1M of business due to not having a specific service or amenity, they may approve the budget to add the service or amenity to the property.

How to Run the Report

To run the report, follow these steps: 

  1. Click on the 'Reports' tab.

Click on the 'Reports' tab

  1. Click on 'All Reports'.

Click on 'All Reports'

  1. In the 'search' field, type the first few letters of the report "Lost busi".

  1. Click on ‘Lost Business Report’.

Click on Lost Business Report

  1. The report runs by itself based on a default arrival date of ‘Current Year'. If you want to change the date, click on the 'funnel' and change the 'Arrival date'…  You can also filter by Sales Manager, date the business was lost, and lost reason. 

  1. The report shows you all the lost business grouped by property (and sorted in ascending order). Remember, you can always drill down into the booking by clicking into the blue booking. If you want to just see totals by property, go to the bottom of the page and click on the switch 'Check Detail Rows'…

  1. Uncheck 'Detail Rows' to go back to your detailed view.

Uncheck 'Detail Rows' to go back to your detailed view.

Be sure to save the report before closing it.

Information Displayed on the Report 


The following information appears on your report: 

  1. The top part of the report shows a summary: Total room nights lost, total average daily rate, total revenue lost, total event revenue lost, total products, and a grand total on the right side.  

  1. Below this, the columns start with the 'Property', followed by ‘Date Lost’ which is the date the booking was lost.

  2. ‘Booking Name’, where you can click on the link to open this booking if needed.

  3. ‘Close Reason’ shows the booking’s lost status. 

  4. 'Lost' Reason' showing you the reason the booking was canceled or lost.

  5. ‘Total Room Nights’ - total number of guest rooms lost. 

  6. ‘Average Rate’ - The average daily rate for the booking's guest rooms.

  7. The next four columns show Guest Room Revenue, Events Revenue, Products Revenue, and  Total Revenue.

  8. As you keep scrolling down you will see the next property.


  1. Overview of Standard Reports & Dashboards - Knowledge base article

  2. How to Edit Reports and Dashboards - Knowledge base article

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