Activity Report

Activity Report

Report Overview

The Activity Report shows the total number of activities each member of your sales team has completed, or plans to complete, during a specified date range. 

Report Uses 

The sales team can use this report… 

  • Sales managers can use this information to get a good overview of their activities and to see if they are meeting their activity goals.

  • Directors can evaluate their team performance against their activity goals.

  • Management can report completed activities in the month, quarter, etc.

How to Run the Report

To run the report, follow these steps: 

  1. At the Home Page, click on the ‘Reports’ tab, ‘All Folders’ on the left side, and click on ‘Thynk Reports’.

  2.  Look for the ‘Activity  Report’ or you type in ‘Activity’ in the ‘search all reports’ field.

  1. Click on the report to run it. 

  2. The report appears automatically and will display a chart showing total activities by user.  The standard report will show you the following filters: 

    • By Users (all users)

    • Date Range (all time)

    • By statuses (open and completed tasks)

    • All tasks & events (appointments)

  1. If you don’t need to edit the filters to this report, go to the next section 'Information Displayed on the Report'. There are more editing instructions there.

  2. To change the filters on the report, you can edit it but make sure to save it as another report so you are not making inadvertent changes to the standard report. To do this, click on the down arrow next to the ‘Edit’ button, and ‘Save As’.

  1. At the next window, name your new report and complete the Report Name, and Report Description fields. The Report Unique Name will be auto generated. Select the report folder and ‘Save.

  1. Now you can make changes to the report.  The standard report shows you activities for ‘all time’.  To change the dates, you can click on the filter icon on the top right. Click on ‘Date’ and a window appears on the left where you can select dates or date ranges. And when done, click on ‘Apply’. Make any other changes the same way using the filters.

  1. As in all other reports, to change the chart, you can click on the chart icon and select from your chart options. 

  2. ‘Save’ any changes you make.  Remember you can ‘Save As’ here as well by clicking on the down arrow on the right of ‘Save’.  ‘Save & Run’ allows you to save and run the report in one click. If you click on ‘Run’ you are merely running the report and you can check if you like the edited version, but remember to save it if you do want to keep it. 

  1. To add the new report to your dashboard, click on the down arrow next to the ‘Edit’ button. And click on ‘Add to Dashboard’. 

Information Displayed on the Report

The following information appears on your report: 

  1. The donut shape gives you the total number of activities. The ring around the number shows you subtotal numbers by user. 

  1. If you don’t like the donut shape, you can change the chart by clicking on the toggle on the right ‘Chart Properties’ where you can select a different chart.

  1. The table on the bottom left of your screen, shows the user name, and the number of ‘not started’ and ‘completed’ activities, and a total of all activities for each person. 

  1. On the bottom of this table, there are a few options where you can toggle to see further details.  

  1. Toggle the ‘Detail Rows’ to see the individual activities.


  1. To see total tasks by activity type, you can group by column, go to the column, and on the down arrow, click on ‘Group Rows By This Field’. Similarly, if you wanted to group the activities by sales manager, you could go to the 'Assigned to' column, click on the down arrow and click on 'Group Rows by this Field'. 

  1. This shows you subtotals by subject, so you can see how many prospecting, or follow up calls you have.  Note that once you have made this modification to your report, and you have saved it, you won't have to do this again. Your edits will remain.


  1. How to view your log of calls and future task - Knowledge Base article 

  2. How to track sales activities - Knowledge Base article

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