How to Link a Thynk Account to a PMS Account?

How to Link a Thynk Account to a PMS Account?

Learning Objectives

At the end of this lesson you will know…. 

  1. What the purpose is of linking accounts 

  2. How to link an account in Thynk to a PMS Account

Linking Thynk Accounts to PMS Accounts 

As you know, if you have a PMS integration, every single account in your PMS will be added to Thynk as a ‘PMS Account'. They are called ‘PMS Accounts’  so we can differentiate them from Thynk accounts.  So in general terms, when we talk about accounts and contacts, etc, accounts are always accounts in Thynk.  

During the initial configuration, the mapping criteria were already defined and set up.  This means that the integration automatically compares the PMS Accounts to Thynk Accounts, and links them up based on the mapping criteria (e.g. could be account name, and city).  

Sometimes, you may find that a PMS Account was either not linked at all or linked to the incorrect account in Thynk. This can happen if the data in the PMS isn’t as complete to find a full match. 

You can link these accounts manually. 

It is important to link these accounts, especially if the Thynk accounts are being managed by the sales teams,  to show you comprehensive revenue statistics and reports in Thynk. However, note that not all PMS accounts will have a linked Thynk account for the simple reason that in the PMS, you will have accounts that are one offs. 

A tool you can use is the ‘Unlinked PMS Accounts with Revenue’ report, which shows you PMS accounts that have revenue but didn’t find a match, hence they were not linked.  To run the report and to link the accounts manually, follow these steps: 

  1. At your Thynk Home Page, click on the ‘Reports’ tab, ‘All Folders’ on the left side, and click on ‘Thynk Reports’, 

  2. Or in the ‘Reports’ tab, click on ‘All Reports’ on the left and simply type in ‘PMS accounts’ in the search bar. This finds all reports with PMS accounts in the report name.  Click on the ‘Unlinked PMS Account with Revenue’ to open the report.

  1.  The report runs automatically, so you don’t need to do anything to it, unless you want to change the dates in the filters. The default dates are all time, so you can catch everything that appears here regardless of dates. 

  1. To look up these accounts click on the blue links in the first column ‘PMS Account Name’, which is the account name in your PMS.  And to go back to your report, click on ‘back’ in your browser. 

  2. If you see an account here that you know should be linked to an existing Thynk account, right click on the blue account name and select ‘Open Link in New Tab’ so you keep your report open and easily go back to it to check other PMS accounts if needed. 

  1. The PMS account window opens. Check the information you see from the PMS here. The “Account” field is the Thynk account but it will be blank because the integration didn’t find the right match. 

  2. Click on the pencil icon in the ‘Account’ field, and search for the correct Thynk account to link it to. You’ll see recent accounts in the drop down but just type in the account name, and select it when it appears on the list. And click on ‘Save’.  You have now linked the PMS Account to the correct account in Thynk. 

  1. You can also add a new account in Thynk if it’s not there already by clicking on the ‘+ New Account’, which would take you to a new account window to complete all the necessary fields. You won’t need to do this often though, because not all  PMS accounts need to have an account in Thynk. 

Best Practices

  • Not all PMS accounts need to have a link to a Thynk account, however, it’s good to check the ‘Unlinked PMS Account with Revenue Report’ from time to time to ensure that nothing falls through that should be linked to an existing Thynk account. 

  • Anyone can run this ‘Unlinked PMS Account’ report - it doesn’t have to be the Thynk admin.

  • If it's a specific PMS account you are looking for, you can also just find it by going into the App Launcher > PMS Accounts. Go here to learn more. 


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