How to Upload a Rooming List to a Booking in Thynk without a PMS Integration

How to Upload a Rooming List to a Booking in Thynk without a PMS Integration

Learning Objectives

At the end of this lesson you will know …  

  1. How to get a rooming list spreadsheet from Thynk to send to your customer to complete

  2. How to upload a completed rooming list even if you are not integrated to your PMS

Uploading Rooming Lists

When a booking has turned definite, and closer to the date of the event, your customer will want to send you a rooming list for you to forward to the reservations team, or upload it into your PMS. 

Ideally, when your customer wants to send you a rooming list, tell them that you will send them a blank rooming list spreadsheet for them to complete with guest name, email address etc. 

Even if you are not integrated  to your PMS, Thynk can help you with rooming lists. The advantage of having rooming lists in Thynk is that you can always refer to reservations and guests associated with your bookings for data and statistics. 

To use the rooming list feature without a PMS integration, follow these steps: 

  1. Search the booking and click into it.

  2. On the right of your booking screen, click onto the ‘Rooming Lists’ tab, and scroll down to ‘Reservations’.  Click on ‘New’ to create one reservation. 

  1. Now, on the top in the ‘generate Rooming list’ section, look for the checkbox called: ‘Generate Rooming List’.  If your org doesn’t show it here, look on the left side of the booking under Booking ‘Details’ scroll down to find the checkbox. 

  1. Click on the pencil button to edit this field, and click into the checkbox to select it. And ‘Save’.  

  2. Next, download the rooming list so you can email it to your customer. To find the rooming list you have just created, look at the right side of your booking and click onto the ‘Documents’ tab. 

  3. Here, you see a list of documents specific to this booking. Find the ‘Rooming list’ document and single click on it.

  4. Next click on ‘Download’.

  1. Thynk will download a template spreadsheet onto your computer.

  2. Find the rooming list spreadsheet in your download folder.  When you open it, you will see there are some blank columns (e.g. first name, last name, email etc.). The reservation numbers, room types, dates and ID will already be completed by the system, and it’s best to leave those as is.

  1. You can send this spreadsheet to your customer to complete and send back to you. You could also complete the spreadsheet if your customer has already sent you a rooming list but obviously it makes more sense for the customer to do this!

  2. When sending to your customer, we recommend sending them some basic instructions. 

    1. At minimum, they should enter the first name, email address or phone number (if available but not a must).

    2. They can leave some columns blank. 

    3. If they don't have all guest names, they can just complete the ones they have and add to the rooming list later. 

    4. They can amend the arrival and departure dates, but be careful because Excel will save those fields in the wrong format!  

    5. Don’t make changes to the Reservation number, Room Type, and ID columns. 

  3. Once the spreadsheet has been completed and you’re ready to upload it into Thynk, search and open the booking.

  4. Go to the ‘Rooming List’ tab again, scroll down to where you see ‘Upload file’. You can click on the 'Upload File' button, find your spreadsheet and attach it, or drag and drop your completed Rooming List here. 

  1. Because you are not integrated to a PMS, you will probably see a Rooming List Error, which is okay as there is no connection between your two systems.   And because this will also not update your PMS, you will need to send that rooming list to your reservations team. 

  2. But for your purposes, this Rooming List will be automatically saved in the ‘Documents’ section in Thynk.

  1. Note: If you need to make a change to the rooming list, or add new reservations, you must regenerate the rooming list and make changes in the newly downloaded spreadsheet, and upload it again. Repeat steps 4-16.

Best Practices for Uploading Rooming Lists

  • We recommend that you take the lead by asking your customer to complete the rooming list template that you will email them.  As explained in the lesson, this is a better way to streamline your process; it will save you time, and eliminate the chance of mistakes copying rooming list names to another new spreadsheet. 

  • For the completion of the rooming list, we recommend at minimum, to have the guest’s last name, an email or phone number (if possible).

  • When a guest room has multiple adults (double/triple/quad occupancy), only one guest on the reservation is the primary guest. You’ll notice by viewing the Reservation that there is a related list of Reservation Guests. All guests in the room will be shown here.


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