How to Change the Number of Guests on a Package

How to Change the Number of Guests on a Package

Learning Objectives

At the end of this lesson you will know…  

  1. Where to update the number of guest on a package on an existing booking

  2. What else gets changed when you change the number of people on the package

Changing Number of Guests on a Booking Package

You have already created packages for your booking.  But your client has just called to update the number of guests.   This is again very simple to do by following these steps: 

  1. Find the booking and open it.

  2. On the right side of the booking screen, scroll down to “Packages”.

  3. Find the package you need to update and click on it to open it. 

  4. Click on the ‘Edit’ button on the package you have just opened.

  1. In the ‘Expected Guests’ field, enter the new number.

  2. Click on  ‘Save’

  3. If you want to check immediately that the number shows correctly, refresh the page after saving.

Note: when you change the number of guests at the package level, this will update all the items in that package, which correspond to the guest count on products, events and guest rooms. 

Best Practices for Changing the Number of Guests on a Package

  • If you have double occupancy rooms as part of the package, there are validation rules in place that won’t allow you to enter an odd number in the guests field. It will give you an error, as it expects two people per room.


  1. How to add a package to a booking - Knowledge Base article 

  2. How to edit a booking - Knowledge Base article  

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